25 Clever Inventions To Make Your Life Easier

You might have wonder sometimes that your house is packed with lots of un-useful things and you wish you had a one single alternative solution for many things that can do multitask and save you the trouble dealing with them.

What are the new clever inventions that people don’t know about? Here are some of the innovative solutions to common problems. Many of them are perfect to solve some of your serious problems like short space, multitasking, alternate energy, and time saving.

All of these inventions are pure creative, but which one of these clever inventions do you like the most? Tell us in comments below.

1. Heated butter knife that slices through cold spreads smoothly.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-01Image credits: Warburtons

2. The ultimate party cooler complete with a smart phone charger, bottle opener, and a blender.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-02Image credits: Kickstarter

3. Self cleaning hair brush.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-03Image credits: Livescribe

4. Biolite camping stove uses the heat from burning wood to generate usable electricity via USB.

Image credits: Biolitestove

5. 5 bladed one-handed scissors cuts herbs into adjustable sizes.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-05Image credits: Chefscatalog

6. Easily save and collect bottle caps with this crafty bottle opener.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-06Image credits: Tuvie

7. This silicone oven shelf guard helps prevent burns.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-08Image credits: Amazon

8. Solar-Powered tent for your night fun.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-07Image credits: Wired

9. The Uphoria-lock ice cream lock keeps your ice cream safe from others.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-09Image credits: Amazon

10. One-handed bottle cap opener.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-10Image credits: Rush5studio

11. Blubber Cover lets you easily cover foods to avoid waste.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-11Image credits: Fusionbrands

#12. Wine glass sippy cups for clumsy adults.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-12Image credits: Givesimple

13. Onion holder to get perfect slices.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-13Image credits: Quora

14. Lockitron lets you unlock your front door from your smartphone.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-14Image credits: Lockitron

15. A genius dustpan that keeps dirt from staying stuck in the broom.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-15Image credits: Quirky

16. Rechargeable batteries with a USB hub to charge your gadgets easily.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-16Image credits: Yankodesign

17. A cushioned handbag carrying clip to keep your fingers from hurting.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-17Image credits: Amazon

18. Multiple knives with a block.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-18Image credits: Amazon

19. Multitasking pancake plett pan.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-19Image credits: Amazon

20. A highlighter that reads text off paper and uploads it to a computer.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-20Image credits: Scanmarker

21. The Scrap Trap to keep kitchen counter tops tidy.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-21Image credits: Foxrunbrands

22. This creative water bottle wallet makes it easy to hide and carry your money and keys.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-22Image credits: Gocontigo

23. A toilet rim that glows in the dark. This should keep things tidy when the lights go out.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-23Image credits: Jonnyglow

24. Hands-free book holder keeps your hands free while you read.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-24Image credits: Fancy

25. Smuggle liquor anywhere with this clever flask comb.

life-easier-clever-inventions-a-25Image credits: Binocktails

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Source: Instant Shift

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