25+ Awesome Outside Seating Ideas You Can Make with Recycled Items

Summer is here! We will spend more time outside, such as reading newspaper in the balcony or entertaining in the yard. Anyway, we need to have a most comfortable seating. Several types of seating items such as soft sofa, exquisite bench and swinging chairs are comfortable enough, but they may need a big budget. So why not recycle some old items and make a seating by yourself. For example, pallets can be recycled to make fine and beautiful pieces of chairs, sofas, benches and other stylish and attractive outside seating. That’s very easy!   Here we have 26 ideas of creative seating for your outdoor space! Enjoy!

1. Chairs from tires, great for outdoor play areas:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-1Source: criartedicas.blogspot.com

2. A DIY hanging lounge chair:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-2Tutorial: themerrythought.com

3. Recycled Pallet Lounge:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-3Source: 1001pallets.com

4. Great way to cover up exposed roots and create extra seating:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-4Source: flickr.com

5. DIY Swing Seating:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-5Source: stylemepretty.com

6. DIY backyard theater seats:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-6Tutorial: notjustahousewife.net

7. Cast Iron Bathtub to Outdoor Sofa:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-7Tutorial: onekriegerchick.com

8. Transform old tires into outdoor chairs:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-8Source above unknown.

9. Concrete cinder blocks seating idea complete with cinderblock table:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-9Source: ispaci.com

10. Repurposed Wire Spool Chair:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-10Source: theownerbuildernetwork.co

11. Straw Seating for Fall party:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-11Source: pinterest.com

12. Cool Portable Milk Crate Stools:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-12Source: workingclassmag.com

13. Pallet Daybed:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-13Source: lovelygreens.com

14. Outdoor chair from tree trunks:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-14Source above unknown.

15. Cinderblock Bench:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-15Source: mashable.com

16. Stone seating idea:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-16Source: carolynsshadegardens.com

17. Bench is Made from Plastic Bins and bamboo:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-17Source: engineeryourspace.com

18. Tractor Seat Bouncers:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-18Source: hometalk.com

19. Turn Logs And Stumps Into Outdoor Seating:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-19Source: diycozyhome.com

20. Seating deck around the tree trunk:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-20Source: showhome.nl

21. Old Wine Barrel Chair:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-21Source above unknown.

22. Gabions Bench:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-22Source: theage.domain.com.au

23. Inspiring Pallet Sofa Projects:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-23Source: scraphacker.com

24. A metal-framed daybed sits on a small patio:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-24Source: sunset.com

25. Tropical pallet seating idea:


AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-25-1Source: apieceofrainbow.com

26. Cinder Block Bench:

AD-DIY-Outdoor-Seating-Ideas-26Source: behappybeme.com

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