21 Cool Ceiling Designs That Turn Kids’ Bedrooms Into Fantasy Land

Whether you have kids or not, I’m sure you enjoy looking at all the cute things you could one day include in their room’s design. There are so many cute boys’ and girls’ room designs out there it’s hard to even make a plan. So relax, lie down and start with the ceiling. Think about all the marvelous ceiling designs for kids’ rooms you can come up with.

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Try a fantasy-inspired design and use colors such as purple, red and pink to make the clouds stand out. Then if you install spotlights in the ceiling they’ll look like suns glowing in the sky. That would be a really great look for a tray ceiling because you can work with the existing design.{found on emc2interiors}.1-geometric-carpet-wall-mural-and-ceiling

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Give the room a cozy and soft look with a draped ceiling. Pick a breezy fabric, perhaps something with a nice pattern, maybe some stars or polka dots. It will look amazing with the right type of lighting.{found on hagecreative}.2-drape-ceiling-luxury-style-fairy

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Not really confident with your skills as a painter or muralist? Then use a stencil. It’s a simpler way of making a ceiling stand out. Add a delicate pattern to the room and create a textural effect.3-dreamy-bedroom-stencil-ceiling

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Pick a theme for the room. For example, this is a solar system-inspired décor. The planets and hand-painted on the ceiling and walls and some are suspended as decorations.{found on hobushomes}.4-solar-system-ceiling-for-kids-room

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Paint the ceiling black. This way the room will actually feel cozier and more relaxing. Then you can either glue little stars on the ceiling or use decals. Either way, a great way of personalizing the décor and an idea you can also use for your master bedroom.5-blue-stars-ceiling

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Sometimes a room needs a big splash of color to feel complete. There are lots of reasons why you should use color on the ceiling: to add harmony to the room, to blend the other colors in the room together or to simply create a focal point.6-room-with-big-splash-of-color

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If, on the other hand, you prefer something simple and easy to complete in a day, try hanging fairy lights on the ceiling. You can come up with your own pattern and use as many strings of lights as you want.7-white-painted-kids-ceiling-for-bedroom

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In the case of murals and hand-painted decors, it’s sometimes interesting to connect the walls and the ceiling. This way the barriers between them disappear and the atmosphere becomes cozy and welcoming. Also, the ceiling can appear to be taller this way.8-wall-art-continous-on-ceiling

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Stripes never go out of style. Use them on the ceiling to add a little bit of dynamism to the room. Paint them lengthwise for a harmonious look. The walls should remain simple so they don’t clash with the ceiling.9-large-striped-ceiling-for-kids-room

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A geometric pattern can also really make a ceiling stand out. Use two or more colors for a vibrant look and make sure the rest of the room is decorated accordingly. It’s ok to use contrasting colors or two or more bold colors together for a design that pops.10-geometric-coffered-kids-ceiling

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The color you use on the ceiling doesn’t necessarily have to match that on the walls. It can simply be an accent shade and there are plenty of other ways to create harmony in the room, like with matching bedding or pillows.11-purple-striped-ceiling

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Here, for example, is a striped ceiling featuring a cheerful yellow accent. The curtains have a similar color and there are also yellow accents throughout the room. The combination with gray is also very inspired.12-Yellow-White-Striped-Ceiling

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Make the light fixture the focal point with a sunburst pattern. The lines have to be exactly measured and the whole design needs to be precise if you want it to work.13-Circus-Tent-Painted-Nursery-sun-Burst

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Give the bedroom a tropical and vibrant look with a yellow-painted ceiling. Add orange accents throughout the room for a diverse but also cohesive look.14-yellow-ceiling-painted-for-shared-kids-room

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Opt for symmetry. For example, if you paint the ceiling blue, use the same color on the floor in the form or a rug. If you use pattern on the ceiling, then use pattern on the floor too, even if it’s a different one.15-modern-blue-white-striped-ceiling

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Now this is a really awesome ceiling. The flower-shaped design features built-in lights on each petal and the center is illuminated as well. A delicate but also dramatic design.16-pink-color-ceiling-design

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Use color on the ceiling to define and delimit certain areas in the room. You can also play with patterns and come up with your own unique design.17-ceiling-green-color-bloque

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Create optical illusions by making the ceiling look like a football field and add a mirrored wall to enhance the look.18-football-boys-room-ceiling

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Find a detail in the room that you’l like to replicate on the ceiling as a pattern. For example, the polka dots that make up the wall clock.19-ceiling-ideas-in-kids-room-toushands-of-dots

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The ceiling can be the same color as the walls and pattern can make it stand out.20-stand-out-ceiling-design

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Create a beautiful canopy using light fabric. it will make the whole room seem so cozy and dreamy your kid will fall in love with it.{found on frostedpetticoatblog}.21-pops-of-pink-kids-room-design-amazing-ceilingSource: Homedit

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