10 Amazing Outdoor Barbecue Kitchen Designs

The joy of cooking experience is doubled in an outdoor kitchen. If you can’t set up a full-fledged kitchen then going for setting up a barbecue grill will be as entertaining as cooking regular meals in a big kitchen outdoors. So take a look at some barbecue kitchens here for your inspiration:

1. A Small Kitchen Under a Shade with a Decked Dining Area

1Image via: room decorating ideas

2. A Stacked Stone Grilling Station with an Accompanying Dining Space

2Image via: hgtv

3. A Linear Grilling Space with Chic Trellises

3Image via: room decorating ideas

4. An Entertaining Grilling Area Under a Pergola

4Image via: hgtv

5. A Steel Grill with a Party Ready Lounge

5Image via: hl posey builders

6. A Stone Grill Counter with Stone Tables and Wicker Chairs

6Image via: houzz

7. Barbecue Grill, Patio and Dining Room All Under One Roof

7Image via: houzz

8. A Barbecue Kitchen Where There Will be a Picnic Everyday

8Image via: houzz

9. A Kitchen with a Pizza Oven and a Curved Bar

9Image via: barkman concrete houzz

10. An Urban Barbecue Station

10Image via: pinterest

Source:Amazing Interior Design

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