21 Brilliant DIY Ways of Reusing Old Bike Wheels

Old bike wheels can be given new life; here you will find 21 awesome DIY crafts from re-purposed bike rims. For example: if you have two old bike wheels, twine, an upright post, you will get a bike rim trellis for your plants; and you can also re-use old bike rims to make pot racks. My favorite creation is the picture frame out of bike wheels for wall decor. Get inspired!


1 | DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-01

2 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-02

3 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-03

4 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-04

5 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-05

6 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-06

7 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-07

8 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-08

9 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-09

10 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-10

11 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-11

12 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-12

13 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-13

14 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-14

15 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-15

16 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-16

17 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-17

18 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-18

19 |

20 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-20

21 |DIY-Crafts-from-Bike-Wheels-21

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