20+ Magnificent Floating Staircases For An Elegant Interior

A staircase is an important part of every home decor, because of their help to get from one floor to another. In addition, a staircase can be used as a decoration, if you choose it to be a modern type of staircase. In this case, floating staircase are one such kind of modern staircase for sure. This type of staircase can definitely add a cool and unique touch to your home.

Today we have decided to show you some floating staircase designs that you wish you had into your dream homes. Depends on their shape, size as well as the material they are made of, there can be found many different styles of floating stairs.

Take a look at our ideas below to see if you will get inspired to add some floating stairs. You will want to have them in your house!

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-1Image via www.nhenvrisk.org

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-2Image via www.peceotelo.com

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-21Image via www.archiii.com

This is a more unusual type of floating staircase. Instead of opting for several individual stairs, the designer chose to make it resemble a ribbon and to have the staircase made from one single and continuous piece while also maintaining the floating effect.

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-4Image via www.themaisonette.net

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-5Image via www.designyourinteriors.com

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-24Image via www.snuut.com

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-7Image via www.vissbiz.com

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-8Image via www.jengooch.com

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-9Image via www.designmagazin.sk

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-10Image via www.remals.com

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-11Image via www.studiokyuu.com

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-12Image via www.fhd.com.vn

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-13Image via www.amazingplacesontheearth.com

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-14Image via www.inotfat.com

These triangular floating stairs are another interesting example of how a simple detail can change the looks of an element and make it stand out. On this long and narrow space, the floating staircase was a great solution as it doesn’t limit the openness of the hallway.

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-15Image via Homedit

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-16Image via Design Milk

A black floating staircase placed against a crisp white wall. The staircase doesn’t follow a straight line but instead it curves and becomes a sort of spiral staircase. Since the contrast is so strong, the shape and design stand out.

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-17Image via Homedit

Wood staircases tend to have a more classical look but not in this case. This floating staircase lacks the handrail and also has an asymmetrical design which makes it unique and even more eye-catching. The effect is unusual and also interesting. Designed by Alvaro Leite Siza.

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-18Image via Homedit

The curved line of the wall that this floating staircase follows is delicate and beautiful. But the effect created by the thin white thread that support the outer portion of the stairs is extremely beautiful as well. The effect is almost magical.

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-19Image via Homedit

This staircase is entirely made of glass. It has guardrails on both sides and, even though it occupies an important portion of the space available, it doesn’t disrupt the décor and the views as the glass is transparent.

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-20Image via Homedit

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-23Image via Homedit

AD-Sleek-Floating-Staircases-22Image via Homedit

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