20+ Inspirational DIY Ways To Repurpose Rain Gutters

It is excited doing DIY projects made out of rain gutters. Yes, you are reading it correctly, rain gutter! Is rain gutter used to accomplish the protection of roof and water drainage? Correct, however, do you know that it can be excellent for more than this? It can be diverse in your DIY projects. Here are some great repurposed ideas for your rain gutter if you plan to make it extraordinary. It can be a jewelry storage place, toy gatherer, bookshelf, key storing box, or decorative plant “garden” that is used wisely. DIY rain gutters are great recycled crafts with or without a little budget. The materials can be wood, plastic or metal. Just think about it!

1. Rain-gutter trees:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-1Source: gardenbytes.com

2. Rain gutters wall shelves in kids bedroom:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-2Source: homestoriesatoz.com

3. Grow Strawberries in Rain Gutters:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-3Tutorial: sfgate.com

4. Rain gutters as bookshelves:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-4Tutorial: sunshineontheinside.blogspot.fr

5. Beer Gutter picnic Tables:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-5Source: thekitchn.com

6. Hanging Gutter Garden:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-6Tutorial: goodshomedesign.com

7. Vinyl gutters perfect for storing spray paint cans:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-7Source: familyhandyman.com

8. Rain Gutter Boat Races:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-8Source: mymixofsix.blogspot.com

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-8-1Source: carnivalsavers.com

9. River rock rain gutter, sink them into the ground for edgings:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-9Photo source above: unknown

10. Grow Your Own Gutter Strawberries on Wall Rain Gutters:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-10Photo source above: unknown

11. A gutter as a giant trough for a ginormous ice cream sundae:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-11Source: purplechocolathome.com

12. Rain Gutter Sandbox:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-12Source: teaching2and3yearolds.com

13. Cute ball wall using spray painted rain gutters:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-13Source: learningthroughtheclutter.blogspot.ca

14. Rain Gutter Planter Attached to The Deck Railing:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-14Tutorial: nagle5.blogspot.com

15. Grow your herbs indoors:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-15Source: chiffons84.canalblog.com

16. Ribbon Storage Create by Vinyl Rain Gutters:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-16Source: scrapbook.com

17. Roof gutters used as window garden boxes:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-17Source: juneauempire.com

18. Corrugated metal and rain gutter pocket organizer:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-18Source: etsy.com

19. Grow Strawberries in rain guttering:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-19Source: rexmanningday.com

20. Floating candle tablescape by using plastic rain gutters:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-20Source: sugarlaws.com

21. Rain gutters shoes storage:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-21Photo source above: unknown

22. Vinyl Rain Gutter Cable Management:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-22Source: lifehacker.com

23. Repurposed gutters into hanging planters:

AD-Rain-Gutter-Repurposed-23Source: pgeveryday.com

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