20 Amazing Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

If your considering changing or adding something to your home but can’t decide on what to do, then perhaps these amazing ideas might give you inspiration. Make your home unique with something truly creative. There are many great designs that you perhaps have never seen before, but we guarantee there will be a few that you’ll love! Our favorite is the bookshelf that’s really a door to a secret room!

1. Mini Fridge in Your Kitchen Island

1-Mini-Fridge-in-Your-Kitchen-IslandIt’s always good to have more fridge space.

2. Ceiling Hammock

2-ceiling-hammockIf you have the space, why not?! It looks amazing!

3. A Bookshelf That’s Really a Door

3-a-bookshelf-thats-really-a-doorIt’s just like you see in the movies!

4. Baseboard Drawers

4-Baseboard-DrawersA great way to use space that is generally wasted and simply covered up with boards.

5. Secret Room Entrance in Kitchen

5-secret-room-entrance-in-kitchenThis is awesome! It makes a great entrance to your wine cellar, basement or safety shelter.

6. Dog Shower Area

6-dog-shower-areaIf you bathe your pampered pooch yourself, why not dedicate an area in the garage just for them!

7. Under Stairs Pull Out Drawers

7-under-stairs-pull-out-drawersThis makes the perfect storage for shoes and bags! All tucked away nice and neatly.

8. Under Stairs Bookshelf

8-understairs-bookshelfIf your under stairs is open with no cupboard, why not make use of the space and add shelving so you can store things there?

9. Conversation Pit/Sunken Seat Area

9-Conversation-Pit-Sunken-Seat-AreaThis is great when you have guests round. It looks cozy too!

10. Outdoor Bathtub

10-outdoor-bathExperience a bath like never before. Listen to the surrounding sounds of the nature while you relax!

11. Platform Storage

11-platform-storageIf your home has very little storage then you should think about having a raised floor storage area.

12. Raised platform with Pull-Out Bed

12-raised-platform-pull-out-bedThis is a great idea for a guest bedroom that is on the small side. When you have no one staying then you can keep the bed tucked away and use the room as a quiet reading/relaxation spot.

13. Secret Storage Under Stairs

13-Hidden-under-stairsThis would make the best hiding place for a game of hide and seek!

14. Under Stairs Wine Storage

14-under-stairs-wine-rackLook at the amount of wine bottles you could fit in here!

15. Two Dishwashers

15-two-dishwashersThis is a great idea for family homes.

16. Pretty Garden Shed

16-pretty-garden-shedWhy settle for a plain and boring shed when you can have this?

17. Secret Room Under Stairs

17-secret-room-under-stairsHaven’t you always dream of having a secret room somewhere in your house? Make it a reality!

18. Home Steam Room

18-home-steam-roomIf you’re considering installing a home steam room, why not have an s-shaped seat so you can lie down?

19. Above Staircase Playroom


20. Slide-Out Knife Block

20-slide-out-knife-blocKA great space-saver while keeping them safely tucked away.

Source: Awesome Inventions 

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