20 Amazing DIY Projects You Can Do With Old Pennies

We all remember the old adage, “see a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck.” And it’s not very difficult to find a penny on the ground: There are more pennies in circulation in the United States than any other coin. They are also the only coin that is made out of copper (thought they used to be made from gold up until around 1793.) Though there have been talks that the U.S. mint will eventually get rid of the virtually valueless penny, it’s hard to imagine having a pocket full of change with no pennies in sight.

These DIY projects seem to have figured out a way to immortalize the penny. Instead of keeping your pennies forgotten at the bottom of a change jar or purse, why not turn them into something interesting? Check out these adorable project ideas below – we wonder how much #7 is actually worth.

1. A cleverly stamped necklace.

2. A portrait of Abes made of many little Abes.

3. Cute penny buttons, perfect for a twee jacket.

4. A coppery backsplash made entirely from pennies.

5. A tiled penny desk.


6. A DIY birdhouse with a roof made of pennies.

7. A cute little nook wall of pennies.

8. A vase covered in lucky pennies.


9. Cover a bowling pin with pennies to create a cute lawn ornament.

10. A DIY copper penny floor.


11. A cute sign made from loose change.

12. This interesting penny art.

13. Pixelated Mario penny art.

14. A pair of vintage wheat penny earrings.

15. A simple DIY penny ring.


16. Use pennies to create easy DIY tap shoes.

17. Some interesting jewelry.

18. A penny dress for a hot night out.

19. A sweet penny ride.

20. DIY Penny Tiled Mirror

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