19 Amazing Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

Even if your life is fairly easy going compared to others out there, you’ll still find that there are little annoyances and other issues that you face on a day to day basis. So, if you can make your life easier or get jobs done faster, then why not? Take a look at these amazing ideas and see if you can pick up a few tips or buy something new to simplify your life, leaving you more time to get on with the important things.

The USB outlet makes charging your devices easier.

usb-outletDesigns by BSB

Find it here: Wall Plug and USB Outlet

The taco plate is simply genius.

taco-plateBonjour Life

Find it here: Taco Plates

This light switch also holds you mail and keys. Sign us up!

switch-hooksLife Hacker

A soup bowl with an attached holder for crackers.

soup and cracker mugsFind it here: Soup and Cracker Mugs

This solar powered BBQ is awesome and environmentally conscious.


Putting a few drops of essential oils on your toilet roll will leave your bathroom smelling fresh.

scented-toilet-rollDoterra Everyday

This pop-out outlet is amazing for those with younger kids.


DIY nail polish remover jar.

nail-polish-remover-jarLike a Lady

Magazine holders attached to the inside of cupboards can help with storage.

mag-holderVC Wife Life

These solar powered step lights make outdoor steps less treacherous in the dark.


This genius light switch will mean you’ll never again get confused about which switch operates which light.

floor-plan-light-switchYanko Design

This fingerprint activated dead bolt is just plain cool.

finger-print-lockFind it here: Finger Scanning Door Lock

Save space with this collapsible box grater.

collapsible-graterFind it here: Fold Flat Grater

This alarm clock mat only stops going off once you set your feet down on it.

carpet-alarm-clockYanko Design

This device helps get hairs and other debris off the bristles of your broom.broom-groomerFind it here: Broom Groomer

This buoy rises when water is boiling.


Aluminum foil can be used in place of dryer sheets.

aluminum-foil-dryer-sheetLife Hacker

Meet the exercise storage belt.

Find it here: Exercise Storage Belt

You know you want this Bluetooth shower speaker.

Find it here: Bluetooth Shower Speaker

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Source: Awesome Inventions

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