18 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Convert that small room in your house into a cool bedroom. Whether we’re talking about painting ideas, furniture or design details, get your inspiration in some of these ideas we gathered to show you.

1. Purple-Themed Room

The sophisticated dark color on the background makes the bedroom seem bigger. The purple wall matches the detail on the bedspread, but also plays nicely with the color of the lamps. Source

2. Suspended Bedroom


Talk about sleeping with your head in the clouds. This is a great way of using some free space to create a new bedroom. Source

3. Small and Cozy Decor

This is one of the best examples of making the most of a small bedroom. The excellent arrangement of the furniture and the light color make the room seem cozy and not crammed. Source

4. Underwater-Themed Room


This one is hard to recreate, but you can try to use some of the details – such as the blue color and the wooden floor and furniture – and apply them to your room. Source

5. Sleek Small Bedroom

See how the vertical space was used to create storage space? And how the glass gives an idea of depth? What a great design. Source

6. Sleepy Aquarium Room


If you don’t have the resources to build an aquarium like this, try to find a nice and similar wallpaper. Hey, not everyone has the money to create a giant aquarium! Source

7. Funky Teen Room Decor


Colorful and detailed, this is the perfect room for teenagers. The cat is not included! Source

8. Prison-Themed Bedroom

Nobody likes to sleep in a prison, unless it looks like this. This bedroom idea is perfect for a really small place and it can be easily reproduced. Source

9. Smart Student’s Room


The white line on the wall and the painting are amazing details for this student’s bedroom. Don’t forget to reserve some space for the books. Source

10. Antique-Themed Room


The wooden elements, the stone wall and the details like the vintage bags or the pillows complement this small space beautifully. Source

11. Pinky! Teens Room Decor


White and pink: every little girl’s dream. The bed with storage below the mattress and the round wardrobe are super useful and make the room seem wider. Source

12. Small Boys’ Room Decor


What a playful room for a boy. In a small space, it has a place for everything: to sleep, to study and to play. With a little organization, anything is possible. Source

13. Blueberry-Themed Room


This is a great design idea for a young girl’s bedroom. The deep color on the wall matches perfectly with the rest of the decor, especially the colors. Source

14. The Book Lover’s Room


Instead of piling up the books in every corner of the room and occupying unnecessary space, think of creative solutions like this one to organize your personal library. Source

15. Rabbit Girl Room


The big white piece of furniture that supports the bed has a lot of storage space, so you don’t need to fill shelves and drawers with your “clutter”. Getting furniture like this can help you organize your bedroom. Source

16. Rustic Building Styled Room


The wood and stone walls match perfectly the brown tones. It gives the bedroom a cozy look. We just want to go in there and roast some marshmallows on the fireplace. Source

17.  Log Cabin Decor


The perfect decor for a double bedroom in a log cabin. Since this is the place where you spend your vacations, the room is full of comfortable pillows where you can sit a lot of people at night. Source

18. Contemporary Small Room Decor


How can a small room fit a big bed and a desk, besides the other furniture? Well, with organization. This is how you achieve such an inviting and comfortable bedroom.

Source: www.apartmentgeeks.com


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