15 Totally Unique Ways To Design Your Courtyard

Are you in plans of a full remodel of your courtyard? If yes then design it with something that is not so ordinary and elicit oohs and aahs. For that here are some cool ideas:

01. Design It in Two Levels with a Pool, Garden and a Bench

2Image via: decorcus

02. Design a Petite Dining Area

3Image via: decorcus

03. Design a Sitting Space with a Water Feature Accompanied by a Dining Area

4Image via: decorcus

04. Design with Curves and Mix of Materials

5Image via: decorcus

05. Go for Small Pergolas

6Image via: designehoms

06. Grow a Living Wall

7Image via: houzz

07. Go Urban with a Built-in Curved Couch

8Image via: houzz

08. Create a Blend of Modern and Rustic and See The Wonder

9Image via: houzz

09. Take a Leaf Out of Alice in Wonderland’s Book

10Image via: houzz

10. Create a Retreat with Patio Chaises

11Image via: houzz

11. Take Inspiration from Modern Tropical Style

12Image via: houzz

12. Design a One of Its Kind Planter in The Middle of the Courtyard

13Image via: houzz

13. Grow a Unique Tree

14Image via: houzz

14. Design a Rock Garden

15Image via: houzz

15. Build a Water Feature Around a Big Tree

16Image via: houzz

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