15 Do-It-Yourself Pottery Painting Ideas You Can Actually Use

Pottery is an art of using ceramic materials to mold into artifacts, tableware, stoneware and porcelain to name a few. Many people take up ceramic art as a hobby or master the skill as a way of making a living for themselves. The Chinese are one group of people who take ceramic or porcelain making and pottery painting more seriously and to a higher level. Through a few documentaries, many of us learned how to cover up a once broken ceramic tableware with pottery painting skills. Ceramic making involves the use of clay and other relevant materials. With ceramic materials, the clay is molded by the hands while spinning in a circular motion into whatever object the potter desires to create. The bare hands are constantly exposed to mud, dirt, clay and in some cases animal or cow dung. So this art requires the artist to always have his hands immaculately clean when he is not at work. Finger nails must be always clipped and kept low to avoid as much as possible fungi and bacteria from taking up residence. Here are 15 examples of pottery art and ideas you can use for your own do it yourself pottery painting at home.

01. This Pottery Painter Is Simple Creating A Lot Of Dots To Form A Pattern

This just goes to show you don’t need to be a professional to get started on your love for painting your ceramics. A simple idea of using a strong bright color on a -lain white ceramic ware will do.

AD-Do-It-Yourself-Pottery-Painting-Ideas-You-can-Actually-Use-01Source: invisibly.tumblr.com

02. Adding Humor And Fun To Your Pottery Painting

Try including the kids into your pottery making ideas, a great starter skill for them to learn and with their appreciation for such art, you may have to bother with them disregarding or destroying it.

AD-Do-It-Yourself-Pottery-Painting-Ideas-You-can-Actually-Use-02Source: etsy.com

03. Unique Ways Make Your Pottery Painting More Versatile

Redesign that plain coffee cup into a two colored pattern. Just use crepe paper to cover the part you don’t want painted in case the paint spills over.

AD-Do-It-Yourself-Pottery-Painting-Ideas-You-can-Actually-Use-03Source: handmadecharlotte.com

04. Add Some Color To Your Crucifix To Brighten It With Pottery Painting

A simple yet delicate way to enjoy more of  what you already love.

AD-Do-It-Yourself-Pottery-Painting-Ideas-You-can-Actually-Use-04Source: easelyamused.com

05. Amazing Colored Contrasted Porcelain Tea Mug

This is an example of how the clay could be altered by the potter’s hand to take on an unusual shape or form.

AD-Do-It-Yourself-Pottery-Painting-Ideas-You-can-Actually-Use-05Source: flickr.com

06. Family Photo Idea Created With Pottery Painting

Now this is one plate the entire family will appreciate without feeling left out while only mom or dad adapts the skill.

AD-Do-It-Yourself-Pottery-Painting-Ideas-You-can-Actually-Use-06Source: outonawhim.info

07. Another Bright Pottery Painting Idea

Turn a plain white plate into a functional decorative artifact in your home.

AD-Do-It-Yourself-Pottery-Painting-Ideas-You-can-Actually-Use-07Source: secondstreet.ru

08. A Halloween Plate Made From Pottery Painting

Unless you have knowledge and experience in pottery painting, can you tell this is a plate at first or second glance? Me neither.

AD-Do-It-Yourself-Pottery-Painting-Ideas-You-can-Actually-Use-08Source: thepaintedpeacocknc.com

09. Multicolored Pottery Painted Canister For Home Use

Can be used for decorative or functional purposes.

AD-Do-It-Yourself-Pottery-Painting-Ideas-You-can-Actually-Use-09Source: boutiqueprovencale.co.uk

10. Pottery Painted Tea Pot Depicting A Place By The Sea

Using words to bring your tea pot to life is just as creative as using paintings. Better yet painting a memorabilia on your ceramic tableware to always remember an important event in your life.

AD-Do-It-Yourself-Pottery-Painting-Ideas-You-can-Actually-Use-10Source: craftshubs.com

11. Express Your Feelings On Your Flatware Using Pottery Painting

Now here is a great gift to give to that special little person in your family or even at a kindergarten school event.

AD-Do-It-Yourself-Pottery-Painting-Ideas-You-can-Actually-Use-11Source: jaeartworks.blogspot.com

12. Heart Shaped Pottery Painting Plate Purely For Decorative Purposes

A Valentine’s day gift maybe? Very artistic skills demonstrated here which I am sure is not for beginners.

AD-Do-It-Yourself-Pottery-Painting-Ideas-You-can-Actually-Use-12Source: silvitablanco.com.ar

13. A Lady Bug Tea Pot Designed From Pottery Painting

This red and black pottery painted tea pot speaks for itself in terms of how brilliantly creative one can get when taking up the skill of pottery painting.

AD-Do-It-Yourself-Pottery-Painting-Ideas-You-can-Actually-Use-13Source: bvdesignsonline.com

14. A Clearly Functional Juice Pitcher Decorated With Pottery Painting

Another simple yet very bold pitcher that was decorated using pottery paint.

AD-Do-It-Yourself-Pottery-Painting-Ideas-You-can-Actually-Use-14Source: little-foxes.myshopify.com

15. Do It Yourself Pottery Painted Piggy Bank

Here is a pottery painted piggy bank to teach your kids how to save their little pennies.

AD-Do-It-Yourself-Pottery-Painting-Ideas-You-can-Actually-Use-15Source: thestir.cafemom.com

Just love those pottery painting do it yourself ideas. Go ahead and share yours in the comment section below if you are a pottery painter or lover of ceramics and porcelain.

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