60 Clever Laundry Room Design Ideas To Inspire You

Having an entire room dedicated to laundry is not something everyone is accustomed with but it’s actually a very practical idea. Still, managing to fit everything you need in a small laundry room is not easy. Aside from the washing machine and the dryer, there are tons of other aspects you need to take into consideration.

When the room is bright and open, everything seems less like a burden


You can organize everything more easily. You get to wash the cloths and you get to iron them and to put them back where they belong and you don’t have to let anyone else see the process because it’s all there in the laundry room. But how should a laundry room look like? Well, it depends on each person’s needs and preferences. If you have the space necessary, you have a washer a dryer in there as well as an ironing table and a large closet.

A sink is an important element to have in a laundry room


A simple and clean design looks best in the case of the laundry room


The wallpaper adds a nice touch to the room and the colors were nicely chosen


A- First things first.

Think of all the basic elements you need to include in your laundry room. For example, you should consider task lighting such as under-cabinet strips, sconces and lamps, plus, of course, the ceiling fixture to brighten the whole room.

It would be useful for the laundry room to have a separate entry if possible


A laundry room doesn’t always have to be white. You can give it warm look


It’s important to choose the right type of flooring in the laundry room


Make sure you have plenty of storage containers and boxes for a better space organization


Open shelves are also very practical and wonderful for storing cleaning supplies, clean clothes, etc.


Keep the items you usually use close at hand, maybe on a shelf above the washing machine


For a better organization, you can label the storage compartments


B- Make the most of your cabinets.

You can hide your ironing board in there as well as tons of other things. Pull-out hampers are also a great ideas and wonderful for presorting dirty clothes and organizing them.

In a narrow laundry room you can think vertically when decorating the space


It’s best to have separate laundry baskets for different fabrics or colors


Try to alternate and combine different types of storage


You can custom-design furniture for the laundry room to make sure it’s functional


An ironing board is a must-have in the laundry room even if you rarely use it


If you have a tiny laundry room, don’t agglomerate it with unnecessary features


You have put up rods and clothes hangers if you have the space


You can have small area rugs in the laundry room but avoid carpets


You can lay with styles to create a décor that feels comfortable


It wouldn’t hurt to also have a comfortable seat in the laundry room


In a way, the laundry room’s décor is quite similar to that of a kitchen


C- Organize all your cleaning supplies in one place.

Open shelves are excellent and very practical and you should use them for the items you use on a regular basis. The extras should go in drawers and behind closet doors or on the top shelf.

Wood furniture would give this room character and would make it less cold


The counter space in a laundry room can be used for various purposes


If your space is limited, try to use it cleverly and avoid wasting any space

You can personalize your laundry room by choosing any furniture you like


This is a very large shared laundry room, maybe part of a small hotel or summer getaway


If you have a dog you can include a pet shower in your laundry room


A bold color would definitely make this room more cheerful


D- Small laundry rooms usually lack hanging space.

To solve the problem, go vertical. Install retractable clotheslines or freestanding drying racks. You can also mount them on the walls to save floor space.

Checkerboard flooring is popular in laundry rooms as well as in kitchens


Most often, people choose white as a primary color for the laundry room’s décor


It’s best to separate the laundry from the rest of the house to avoid the noise


You can give your laundry room a rustic feel by simply adding a few decorations


To also save space in a small laundry room, consider stacking the washer and dryer one on top of the other. This way you can squeeze them both into a narrow passage, maybe even hide them behind closet doors and still have plenty of room for storage.

The blue cabinets match beautifully the washer and drier


A black and white décor could also suit a modern laundry room


Use bins and baskets to sort and organize your cleaning supplies and small items. They allow you to use open shelves to their full potential and they’re also very practical. Just pull out the container and take it with you wherever you need it.

A table or an island can be very useful in this particular room


The satin finish of the cabinets matches the washer and drier’s accent color


Tiled floors are very practical in the laundry room, especially when it has a separate entry


The lighting is important in this case so explore all the options before making a decision


You can turn the laundry room into a multifunctional space


The laundry room can also be your arts and crafts space for small projects


A desk and a work space could be a useful addition to the laundry room


It’s important to have plenty of storage in the laundry room. You need for all sorts of things. You have to store somewhere the detergents and the other supplies but you also need the storage space for all the clothes. Lots of people like to also use this room as a sort of closet. But it’s not imperative to do so.

Some Random Laundry Room Examples:

01. Fashion Styled Laundry Room

This picture shows exactly how a proper laundry room should look like. The design is artistic yet simple and clear and there’s plenty of natural light. A small but very effective touch is the way the washing machine and dryer were elevated to achieve an easier reach. In this sense the best case is to raise them by at least two feet but it’s better still than placing them directly on the floor.


02. Elegant Laundry Room Design Idea

This example shows a great deal of unity in design. All the furniture was built in the same classic way, which fits perfectly with the floor and the window frame. Another attribute is the amount of space available, making everything tidy and all the work less difficult.


03. Rustic Laundry Room Design Idea

Apart from the modern designed washing machine and dryer everything looks very traditional, intimate and unique. The baskets are a very nice way to replace the wide used drawers. The hanging bar above the machines is a very nice functional touch, helping you sort your clothes faster.


04. Sleek Basement Laundry Room Idea

The cabinets are of course the main attraction of this design as they look very modern and match, as it rarely happens, the machines. The height difference between the counter is probably not the best idea but nevertheless there are a few very useful lights under the cabinets that make everything even more stylish and cool.


05. Small And Stylish Laundry Room Idea

The great thing about this example is that it shows how everything you need can be placed in a tight spot, with only what you need. There’s no sink of course but the storage ideas surely manage all the clothes. Their amount depends of course on the number of people using them. A small laundry room like this one will make your job easier as everything is in one place so you won’t have to walk around a lot (which really is a lot if you have a busy day).


06. Simple White Laundry Room Idea

These two examples surely offer everything you need in terms of appliances and storage space whilst ensuring a warm and cozy atmosphere given by plenty of plants, sleek finishes and a general welcoming sentiment.


07. Sleek White Laundry Room Design Idea


08. Spacious Laundry Room Design

There’s no doubt no shortage of storage space here and the design is all in all lovely with the wooden cabinets and the contrast between the and the rest, along with the white carpet . However, think about how much you’ll have to walk around from one laundry station to another. It’s a bit pointless if you ask me, even you have a big enough house. The laundry room is surely, like we like to point out, an important space but make sure you don’t waste any. Make it no bigger than necessary.


09. Custom Designed Laundry Room Design

There’s always the option of hiring someone to arrange everything as people like Shane Inman, who have a lot of experience and can save you time and guarantee a functional and stylish,cool space.


10. Colorful Laundry Room Design

Blue is a very appropriate color for a laundry room and will definitely make everything less dull. No cabinets is an potion too, replaced by small baskets, divided into categories; sometime order can save you a lot of time.


11. Blue Laundry Room Design Idea


12. Modern Luxurious Laundry Room Design

Sleek and elegant at the same time, This laundry room offers a luxurious space which will delight you every time you step in. The pillows in case you didn’t notice are used for decoration. Very stylish.


13. Marble Island Laundry Room Design

This brilliant idea most frequently met in kitchens is very useful in a laundry room as well, making folding much easier and faster.


14. Spacious And Stylish Laundry Room

The furniture is key to this design which determines the style of the entire room, extending on the ceiling and parts of the walls, without housing a storage space, just for the looks. And it looks great!


15. Closetmaid Laundry Room

This example was designed with the help of ClosetMaid and the result is a beautifully organized laundry room with everything kept clean and easy to reach.


16. Willowgrove Styled Laundry Room

Simple black&white contemporary design with powerful and vibrant accents. Everything matches beautifully in terms of colour and shape.


17. Pink Styled Laundry Room Design Idea

A bit unorthodox is some people’s opinion but nevertheless a flashy design that is definitely going to become a unique place. Unless your whole house is pink.


18. White & Purple Wallpaper Laundry Room

It’s a lovely set that looks much more interesting than regular, simple wall paint. Easy to replace and coming in a great number of colours and patterns, this solution is a real nice touch in any room.


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