15 Awesome Baby Nursery Storage Ideas

Creating storage space is very important in any room and the same goes for a baby nursery. If you are also looking for baby nursery storage and organization ideas, you can take a look at them here:


1 | A Crib with Built-in Storage

2Image via: baby nursery themes

2 | A Changing Table with Storage Underneath

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3 | Place or Hang Metal Buckets for Storage

4Image via: pottery barn kids , pottery barn kids

4 | Sew a Storage Canopy

5Image via: hgtv

5 | Fix a Rod Under Floating Shelves for Dress Storage

6Image via: simplyvonne

6 | Re-purpose Old Dressers into Changing Tables

7Image via: project nursery little lovely

7 | Get a Furniture Mounted Organizer

8Image via: babyage

8 | Re-purpose Ladders for Blanket or Clothes Storage

9Image via: project nursery house of many hues

9 | Rethink IKEA Bookcases for Storage Purpose

10Image via: chic cheap nursery

10 | Hang Baskets with a Towel Rod

11Image via: project nursery

11 | Use Shower Curtain Rings and Clips for Shoe Storage

12Image Source: project nursery

12 | Rethink Kitchen Wire Baskets

13Image Source: project nursery

13 | Hang Closet Organizers

14Image Source: walmart , walmart

14 | Create Storage Under the Crib

15Image Source: the budget decorator

15 | Hang Storage Totes Over the Door

16Image Source: moms popsugar

Source: Amazing Interior Design

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