14 Creative Recycled Planter Ideas For Your Garden

If you want to add some planters to your garden then you don’t necessarily have to make a big expense for that. Simply look around your house for things that you don’t use and can recycle into planters. Regarding what things to recycle, we have done the work for you. Take a look:

01. Recycled Tire Planters

1Image via: gurukoala

02. Upcycled Pallet Planters

2Image via: dishfunctionaldesigns , pinterest

03. Old Drawers Given a Second Life

3Image via: bhg , birdsandblooms

04. Do You Find Floppies Useless? Take a Look at This:

4Image via: brit

05. A Journey From Kitchen to Garden ; Painted Colander Planters

5Image via: bonnieplants

06. Chandelier Planters That Can Light Up Your Garden

6Image via: diyshowoff

07. Re-Purposed Paint Can Planters Spreading Colors of Nature

7Image via: hgtv , makinghomebase

08. Birdhouse or Birdcage Planters Chirping Blossoms

8Image via: hgtv

09. Recycled Chair Planters

9Image via: hgtv

10. Old Hats Re-Purposed

10Image via: hgtv

11. Old Shoes with New Life

11Image via: alwaysintrend , theverybesttop10 , hgtv

12. Old Teapot Planters

12Image via: fotolibra , themicrogardener , birdheartsbear

13. Vintage Wagon Planters

14Image via: hgtv

14. Eco-Friendly Water Bottle Flower Planters

15Image via: crissyscrafts

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