10 Sci-fi Looking Bathrooms That are Available Right Now

Future is now! You wouldn’t believe how many cool looking sci-fi bathrooms are available today. Well, for most of them you have to have deep pocket, but who knows, maybe one day..

1. Futuristic Bathroom From Japan

1It can’t surprise us that this gorgeous sci-fi looking bathroom is coming from Japan! It’s surrounded with natural environment which makes it even more perfect! Source

2. Sci-fi bathroom by Spiritual Mode

2This is something that will help you survive any hard day! High tech bathroom will provide instant relaxation and rejuvenation! You would love it! Source

3. Egg Shower by Arina Komarova

3This futuristic sci-fi-style shower is equipped with all the latest technologies such as rain shower heads, mood lighting system, whirlpool jets, digital shower radio… It can be a bathtub or a shower, whatever you prefer. Source

4. Gemy Bathtub

4The Gemy Bathtub is controlled by computer and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s a high tech shower and a tub – all in one. It includes LCD tv and a radio, so you can enjoy your bath even more. Source

5. Hi-Tech Digital Bathroom from Ideal Standard


Amazing bathroom! It’s equipped with media mirror that plays television, displays weather and controls music, luxury shower cabin outfitted with chromotherapy elements, wall lighting and much more. Source

6. Signorini Design Luxury Shower

Immagini 033This beautiful luxury shower from Signorini Design has ultra slim metallic blocks with tiny nozzles and attached lights that rain down yellow, red, blue or green shower. Amazing, right? Source

7. Horizontal Shower by Dornbracht

7It’s sometimes so hard to get up from bed and go to work, isn’t it? Well, with this amazing shower you can prolong your horizontal time for at least few minutes. Relax and enjoy. Awesome! Source

8. The Morphosis Omega Luxury Shower by Jacuzzi

8Do you like it? If you have 20 thousand euros, it can be yours! It’s only available in limited quantities, so hurry up! This smooth seat just looks like a perfect place to relax with a hydromassage! Source

9. Gray Elegant Bathroom Interiors by Creativegenie

9Stylish, minimalistic and modern! Small mosaic pieces just makes it looks futuristic. It’s perfect for everyone who like minimalism. Source

10. Thalassor Aska Duo Steam Shower by Douche

10This awesome steam shower will make all your troubles go away. It has the ‘hammam’ feature so your shower will feel like steam baths enjoyed by Greeks and Romans. Source

Via: www.apartmentgeeks.com

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