10 Great Ideas To Help You Add Special Touches To Your Family Room

A family room is considered the informal part of the house. It’s similar to a living room and is used for family and friend get-togethers for chats, games, watching TV, reading, and other family activities. Most family rooms are decorated casually with furnishings and objects that can stand a bit of wear and tear.

In some homes, floor plans that consists of a living room and family room combined into a single huge area is known as a “great room.” However, just because the family room is the more casual and probably the most used room of the home, you can still keep it stylish and interesting. Below are ten family room design ideas that are sure to add some style to a casual family room setting.

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1. A family room does not have to have a media center as its focus. If you have children provide a play area for them. If the room is large enough place an adult game table in the room as well. If you prefer carpeting in your family room, make sure to select a dark color and that it can withstand heavy foot traffic.

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2. Complement a family friendly environment with elegance by including lots of color and stylish patterns in your family room décor. Vivid tones appeal to adults and kids alike. A mix of patterns gives the space a chic energy. Be sure to include durable fabrics that can take heavy everyday wear and tear.

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3. Spice up your family room walls with different types of art. Whether it’s paints, posters, drawings, sculptures, or group of family photos.

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4. Expand spaces that encourage family groupings. For example, parents can be active in the kitchen while the kids hangout in the family room. There is no need to make the areas different from each other. Create a theme whether it’s color or furnishings that connects the décor of the two rooms.

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5. A family room usually has lots of bits and pieces lying around at one time or another. Create a storage area where you can store small objects like pencils, paper, and batteries, along with an area for storage of kids’ books and toys. You might want to be sure you have a space for Fido’s bed and toys as well if you have a pet.

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6. A mix of patterns and cool light colors will give the family room a designer chic feel. By using durable fabrics like washable slipcovers for furnishings, you won’t have to worry about ruining fabrics and interrupting the flow of your décor.


7. Cushiony, comfy sofas are a must in a family room. Pile them high with lots of pillows and let family and guest get relaxed while sitting and enjoying the togetherness of family and friends.

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8. An office in the family room is a great idea. Working near the kids offers family integration. Parents get to hang out with their children; the kids don’t get resentful that Mom or Dad is always too busy for them.

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9. What about a bean bag room? These bean bags are definitely big enough for adult tv watching, game playing and IPad tick-tacking!


10. Bunk sofa. I asked my friend Athena, which has four kids what she really wants for her family room. ” A bunk sofa” she said. So, I found the Palazzo bunk bed system, an innovative design that transforms from a sofa to a bunk bed, provides multiple functions while maximizing space. The beds are available with low or high armrests and come equipped with wood-slatted bed springs and removable mattresses.

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