Artist Turns Trash Into Animals To Remind Us About Pollution

To spread his message about endless waste production, Portuguese street artist Bordalo II (Artur Bordalo) creates stunning animal sculptures. However, unlike most artists, Bordalo doesn’t buy his material – he scavenges it. He seeks to portray nature (animals) with the materials that threaten it.

Bored Panda has already written about Bordalo here and here but it’s clear that the artist isn’t going to stop his work anytime soon. While he started working in Portugal, now he is going global. His latest journeys feature stops in Estonia and the USA. He’s bold, he’s determined, and he’s consistent – let’s hope that Bordalo will stay this way and continue his fight.

More info: bordaloii.comFacebook | Instagram (H/T: Bored Panda)

01. Fox

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-01Bordalo II

02. Weasel

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-02Bordalo II

03. Ouriço

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-03Bordalo II

04. Yuwana

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-04Bordalo II

05. Trash Kitten

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-05Bordalo II

06. Pelican

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-06Bordalo II

07. Flying Squirrel Close Up

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-07Bordalo II

08. Camaleão

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-08Bordalo II

09. Yellow Frog

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-09Bordalo II

10. Flamingos

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-10Bordalo II

11. Beee

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-11Bordalo II

12. Wolf

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-12Bordalo II

13. Meerkats

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-13Bordalo II

14. Filthy Whale

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-14Bordalo II

15. Opossum

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-15Bordalo II

16. Lince Ibérico

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-16Bordalo II

17. Znail

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-17Bordalo II

18. Salamander

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-18Bordalo II

19. Trash Puppy

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-19Bordalo II

20. Palanca Negra

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-20Bordalo II

21. Melting Pingouin

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-21Bordalo II

22. Mouse

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-22Bordalo II

23. Deer

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-23Bordalo II

24. Pi G

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-24Bordalo II

25. Trasherpillar

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-25Bordalo II


26. Lynx Face Detail

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-26Bordalo II

27. Bunny

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-27Bordalo II

28. Ldn Rat

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-28Bordalo II

29. Apus Apus

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-29Bordalo II

30. Badger

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-30Bordalo II

31. Flying Squirrel

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-31Bordalo II

32. Green Grasshopper

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-32Bordalo II

33. Blue Jay

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-33Bordalo II

34. Goldfinch

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-34Bordalo II

35. Ginetta

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-35Bordalo II

36. Uma Cabra

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-36Bordalo II

37. Wild Boar

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-37Bordalo II

38. Wip

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-38Bordalo II

39. Dove White Dove

AD-Trash-Animal-Sculptures-Artur-Bordalo-39Bordalo II

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