This Windowless Plane Wants to Bring the Outside World In

The IXION Windowless Jet Concept was created specifically for the 2013 NBAA Business Aviation Show. Created by Technicon Design, it was also a recent winner at the 2014 International Yacht & Aviation Awards in the Exterior Design category.

The idea is to remove all windows, instead turning the interior cabin into a giant screen, using “existing or very near future technology to display the exterior environment to the inside surfaces of the cabin via external cameras.”




Gareth Davies, Design Director at Technicon’s French Studio

“The ethos of the project is simple, to challenge current thinking, and propose something a little different, but not just a fantasy. It has to be credible and relevant, yet provoke discussion”.





“We quickly settled on the controversial yet interesting idea of removing the windows from the cabin and using existing or very near future technology to display the exterior environment to the inside surfaces of the cabin via external cameras. Removing the windows allows for weight reduction, simplifies construction and opens up an enormous spectrum of possibilities for interior design. We wanted to couple this with amorphous solar panels which power the low voltage systems on board and thus offer a unique visual dynamic for the exterior.”





“The user experience is greatly enhanced by directly engaging the passengers with the environment outside, to the point of exhilaration by giving an unhindered panoramic view from the inside. Parallax barrier technology allows the passengers to see different views at the same time on the same screen. A myriad of potential cabin moods and themes open up by tailoring the images or ambiance that is displayed, even by mimicking a more traditional interior if desired.”





Check out the concept video in Youtube along with additional images and information.

[Technicon Design Press Release via IFLS]

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Author: MMK

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