This Is What $1,000 A Month In Rent Would Get You All Around The U.S.

Let’s all move to North Carolina, people.

Brooklyn — $1,000

Size: 300-square-foot studio
Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant
Amenities: It does have hardwood floors and high ceilings, but the kitchen is so close to the bed that you could probably cook an omelette while taking a nap. Also, there’s a communal bathroom to share with other tenants, and nothing says “fun” like a toilet clogged with someone else’s fecal matter.

Birmingham, Alabama — $825

Size: 1,103-square-foot two-bedroom apartment
Neighborhood: Hoover
Amenities: There’s a shared pool and tennis court, so you can rent until you retire.

Cleveland — $1,175

Size: A three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath, single-family home
Neighborhood: Cleveland Heights
Amenities: To start, it’s a house. AN ENTIRE HOUSE, PEOPLE. There’s a second floor and a two-car garage. Also, you know you’re an IRL adult when you live in a house that has a security system.

Nashville — $1,006

Size: 716-square-foot one-bedroom apartment
Neighborhood: River’s Edge
Amenities: You’ll have a patio, a shared pool, and landscaped grounds. Essentially, you’re the Great Gatsby.

Augusta, Georgia — $750

Size: A two-bedroom floor of a historic home that covers 1,100 square feet
Neighborhood: Olde Town
Amenities: A huge living room with a fireplace. A clawfoot tub. Central air. A massive backyard. And…wait for it…A PORCH SWING. Pack up your parent’s car and move to this house RN.

New York City — $960

Size: Not listed, but seeing as your bed also serves as the doorstopper, probably not a ton of space
Neighborhood: Little Italy
Amenities: This apartment boasts having central air, but you’ll have to enjoy it with a stranger…who will be your brand new roommate. (Yes, he already lives there.) You and this strangermate will be cool AF all summer long.

Portland, Oregon — $1,275

Size: A 1-bedroom apartment
Neighborhood: Belmont
Amenities: This spot has the hook-up for lazy people. Why? It includes a microwave and a dishwasher. Also, it’s close to 3 bus routes so you can be driven around town by your chauffeur aka the bus driver.

Milwaukee — $1,075

Size: 1,000-square-foot two-bedroom apartment occupying one floor of a house
Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Amenities: It’s a vintage house that needs a little TLC, aka a hipster paradise.

Atlanta — $1,050

Size: A 624-square-foot studio in a trendy area
Neighborhood: Old Fourth Ward
Amenities: Well, there’s a fully equipped fitness center and an outdoor BBQ complete with a picnic area, aka it’s your time to get jacked and eat a ton of ribs.

San Francisco — $1,285

Size: Going out on a limb here, but your body could PROBABLY fit inside it
Neighborhood: Financial District
Amenities: “Twin Bed with NEW Blankets & Sheets.”

Asheville, North Carolina — $1,240

Size: Two-bedroom apartment with 966-square- feet
Neighborhood: North Asheville
Amenities: This place has a walk-in closet. ::Mic drop::

Fort Worth, Texas — $1,500

Size: A newly-renovated three-bedroom, 1,163-square-foot home
Neighborhood: Ryan Place

Charleston, South Carolina — $1,000

Size: Not listed, but there IS a balcony
Neighborhood: James Island
Amenities: There’s a pool and a 24-hour fitness center, and it takes only a couple of minutes to walk to Folly Beach, aka your quality of life is super legit.

Denver, Colorado — $983

Size: A two-bedroom 1,120-square-foot apartment with two baths
Neighborhood: Village East
Amenities: Hot tub and outdoor pool? Don’t mind if I do.

Philadelphia — $1,250

Size: A 650-square-foot one-bedroom apartment that takes up the entire second floor
Neighborhood: Walnut Hill
Amenities: There’s a bay window where you can read by gauzy sunlight. ‘Nuff said.

Salt Lake City, Utah — $1,000

Size: A 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment that covers 1,015 square feet.
Neighborhood: Millcreek
Amenities: A gas fireplace for romantic nights in.

Which one would you choose?

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A few others were swapped because the deal really WAS too good to be true and possibly a scam (lookin’ at you Portland and Asheville).

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