The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword: 28 Cartoonists Pay Tribute To The Victims Of The Charlie Hebdo Shooting

In the wake of the horrific shooting at the offices of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, illustrators and cartoonists around the world come together in solidarity with the 12 artists and ordinary people who died in that event by doing what they do best – drawing cartoons that express their thoughts and emotions more eloquently than words ever could.

Their messages range from anger and defiance to grief and hope, but there is a common thread. It is clear that, in their eyes, the people at Charlie Hebdo have died as martyrs who championed the freedom of expression and of the press, which are some of the core elements of a free society.

(h/t: reuters)

1. He drew first

2. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


4. Unstoppable Charlie Hebdo


6. We have avenged you



9. He drew first

10. I am Charlie

11. Oh no, not them



14. More Powerful


16. They died for the freedom of expression

17. As if we needed more humorless editors

18. I am Charlie

19. Never!


21. What we do best…


23. Without humor we are all dead

24. I am Charlie

25. Ducks (newspapers) will always fly higher than guns

26. The world has become so serious that humor is a risky profession


28. What’s this little weapon?

Source: Bored Panda

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