The Giant Waterpark Inside An Old German Airship Hangar

About 60 km south of Berlin there’s a former Soviet airfield where you will find an old airship hangar known as the Aerium. With over 66,000 m² (710,000 sq. ft) of floor space and 5 million m³ (176,573,333 cu. ft) of enclosed space, the idea was to create a self-contained holiday destination in the heart of Europe.

In December 2004, the Tropical Islands resort opened its massive hangar doors to the public.





At the Tropical Islands resort the temperature is always 26°C (78.8 F) and it’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The sheer magnitude of the space is just mind-boggling:

– 66,000 m² of floor space, 5 million m³ of enclosed space
– 360 m long, 210 m wide, 107 m high (L = 984 ft, W = 689 ft, H = 351 ft)
– 20,000 m² of UV-transparent film on the south side of the dome (to let in the sun)
– 6,000 people can be accommodated in the dome at any one time




The World’s Largest Indoor Rainforest

With a surface area of 10,000 m² (107,600 sq. ft), the indoor rainforest is made up of over 50,000 plants. Altogether, 600 different species of plants can be found at Tropical Islands, including palms, ferns and mangroves. Winding through it all is a one-kilometre-long walking path for guests.





The Tropical Sea covers an area of 3,000 sq. m (32,000 sq. ft), three times the size of an Olympic swimming pool. The water has a constant temperature of 28°C and there’s a 200-metre-long sandy beach.

The 1,200-square-metre Lagoon has a constant temperature of 32°C. A counter-current, two water slides and whirlpools in the bays provide guests with some additional fun.

Tropical Islands is home to Germany’s highest water slide tower. At 27 metres, it is the same height as a four-storey building. There are four different slides, including a 76-metre power turbo slide that allows the more adventurous to reach speeds of up to 70 kph.






Accommodations Inside the Dome

– 191 rooms and lodges with a total of 508 beds in two and four-bed rooms
– 10 two-bed Adventure and Premium Lodges
– 133 tents in the dome equipped with bed frames and mattresses in the Rainforest
– The Sunset Camp with a total of 350 beds, including: 91 tents with two beds and 42 with four beds






Accommodations Outside the Dome

– Campsite: 65 Standard pitches, 20 Comfort pitches, 5,000 m² of tent space
– 27 tepees, 7 wooden tepees
– 23 Mobile Homes
– 47 holiday homes available with a total of 200 (+94) beds:




The Tropical Sauna and Spa Complex

– 10,000 m³ total area
– 7 different sauna attractions
– Crystal steam bath for 33 people in the Elephanta Temple
– Hot tubs with a water temperature of 32°C in the Waiotapu hot tub complex
– Meditation rooms in the Asia House
– Stone sauna for 22 people with various kinds of showers in the Angkor Wat Temple
– Jungle huts in the Jungle Village with a tree sauna for 20 people, a blossom steam bath for 15 people, an herbal sweat lodge for 20 people and an ice fountain
– Mud bath spa, salt grotto and rock shower in the Alcantara Canyon




For all visitor and accommodation information visit the official website at You can also find them on Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram.




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