30+ Of The Best Backyard Hangout Spots In The World

Remember when you were a kid and Mom had to drag you inside each summer night? Get ready to feel that way again.

05. If you need me I’ll just be reading in my lounge swing. Forever.

09. There are no boys allowed…in my awesome hanging tipi.

AD-The-Best-Backyard-Hangout-Spots-In-The-World-09Source: experimentsandaccidents.wordpress.com

10. Hot tub paradise.

AD-The-Best-Backyard-Hangout-Spots-In-The-World-10Source: bhg.com

12. Pool, hot tub, and your very own LAZY RIVER.

AD-The-Best-Backyard-Hangout-Spots-In-The-World-12Source: pinterest.com

13. Hidden pool = no skimming.

AD-The-Best-Backyard-Hangout-Spots-In-The-World-13Source: reddit.com

16. I know, the awesomeness of the beach sand is distracting. But look at that lofted bed!

AD-The-Best-Backyard-Hangout-Spots-In-The-World-16Source: pinterest.com

17. The backyard greenhouse studio of San Francisco artist Phillipe Vendrolini. Swoon.

18. Hawk House: A seven by nine foot cabana built by Alex Windham in Central California.

AD-The-Best-Backyard-Hangout-Spots-In-The-World-18Source: alexwyndham.com

Native wildflowers and coastal grasses cover the roof. Three of the four walls open for ventilation on stifling nights.

19. Year-Round Greenhouse

Follow the path around the fire pit and past the succulent garden. Stop when you get to the comfy couches.

24. The gym that never closes (or gets overrun by meat-heads).

AD-The-Best-Backyard-Hangout-Spots-In-The-World-24Source: B Jane Gardens

25. A Raised Lounge Area With A Small Pool Was Designed For This Backyard

Source: Instagram

27. Life’s a beach. Even in this landlocked backyard.

AD-The-Best-Backyard-Hangout-Spots-In-The-World-27Source: woohome.com

28. Bunk beds turned stargazing platform. Genius.

AD-The-Best-Backyard-Hangout-Spots-In-The-World-28Source: woohome.com

29. It’s always happy hour in this space-conscious lounge.

AD-The-Best-Backyard-Hangout-Spots-In-The-World-29Source: woohome.com

31. Perfect place for a re-reading of Arabian Nights.

AD-The-Best-Backyard-Hangout-Spots-In-The-World-31Source: pinterest.com

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