The 17 Nature Places to See Before They Disappear Forever

The global warming really are on the great way to destroy the world, the nature. That is why these amazing places will disappear one day. The world suffer from, the nature suffer and that is the reason why you should go and visit these beautiful places. All of them are really know places, and them can be your perfect destination for vacation.

1 | The Maldives


2 | Great Barrier Reef2

3 | Venice, Italy3

4 | Madagascar4

5 | The Dead Sea5

6 | Glacier National Park, Montana6

7 | Galapagos Islands7

8 | Congo Basin8

9 | Patagonian Ice Fields, Chile9

10 | The Ecuadorean Amazon10

11 | The Galápagos Islands11

12 | The Karnali River, NepalOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

13 | The Mongolian Steppe13

14 | The Athabasca Glacier, Canada14

15 | Olympia, Greece15

16 | The Alps16

17 | Patagonia: Located at the southern end of South America17


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Author: M.A.

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