20 Seriously Impressive Home Makeovers

For many of us, it seems that designers are almost like magicians who can transform any living space beyond recognition. Just take a look at the 20 different home makeovers below and you’ll see what we mean! The great thing about these ideas is that you can try to do them yourself in your own home — they’re so straightforward that there’s no need to call a professional!

We at Architecture & Design have already picked out some of these for our office. We’re certain that you’ll find something to your taste as well!

A small and functional kitchen


In this case, painting the walls and adding a few decorative elements wouldn’t be enough to make the kitchen more stylish. This kitchen was in fact fully renovated. The combination of white and navy blue always works well. The large indoor plant functions as a bright spot in this room. The floor is now covered with tiles of imitation marble. The furniture wasn’t even moved, but the kitchen looks completely different.

A place where creativity can flourish


This attic was changed drastically. The turquoise walls and white ceiling definitely refresh the room. After its renovation, this has become an ideal workplace where creativity can flow freely. Lovely colors, a warm carpet, a classic sofa, and natural decorative elements create an inspirational atmosphere for work.

A productive workplace


In order to work efficiently, you have to be in the right environment. For example, it’s better to avoid cold colors on the walls or leave them with no decor at all. Look at how the bright colors here contrast with the floor and other wooden elements after the makeover. The floor is also covered in artificially aged parquet. I wouldn’t mind working in a place like this!

Ideas for a small room


In this case, gray tones perfectly combine with bright colors and natural light. The simple furniture and original carpet design are ideally suited to the small room, as well as the various decorative items on the shelves.

A creative office


We spend most of our time in offices, so this should be a comfortable and cozy space. Colorful walls, white shelves with original things placed on them, bright chairs, and light laminate flooring will make you feel creative and full of energy every working day.

A bright living room


This living room was transformed drastically. Originally, it was decorated in a traditional style with a predominance of dark colors. Now, this bright room is decorated in ’’cottage style,’’ characterized by the same range of colors, functional furniture, and the major use of the color white. The walls are sheathed with bleached oak that might seem an impractical design solution. But with proper care, its beauty will please your eyes for a long time.

Dark walls and bright decorative elements


Making a dark and gloomy room look brighter is a typical task for any designer. However, sometimes, customers really love dark colors. For such people, this living room is an ideal solution. Just paint the walls with your favorite dark color to highlight the bright and light furniture. No need to change the floor — just varnish it to make it look new.

The beauty of minimalism


There is nothing superfluous in this minimalist kitchen. The bright background emphasizes the light furniture. Everything revolves around the contrasts. The parquet floor also looks very impressive in the new setting.

A cozy living room


In this case, the laminate floor was replaced with a lighter one to make the room cozier. You can paint the walls with acrylic, replace the curtains with blinds, and cover the artificial fireplace with decorative ’’Marrakech’’ plaster or just trim it with tiles. And voila! — the living room looks luxurious!

Add a little pink


There is nothing superfluous here, but at the same time the amazing combination of white and pink energises and refreshes this huge room. Lots of light makes it more spacious, and the gold elements give the interior a classic look.

Mixing old and new styles


If you’re sick of your old-fashioned kitchen that was probably decorated by your grandma’s grandma years ago, it’s time for major changes. However, there’s no need to change everything right down to the last nail. Try mixing old and new styles by adding a few old lamps and storage baskets to preserve the charm of the past in your modern interior.

A comfortable workplace


This creative corner was made in the niche once used for a closet. A few shelves, attractive wallpaper, a neat little table, and a curtain are all you need to create your own cosy workplace at home. To get the perfect color combination, you can replace the wood floor with dark parquet.

A modern kitchen


You don’t have to fill your kitchen with all kinds of souvenirs, baskets, and colorful dishes to make it brighter. Sometimes, you just need to remove something to add a little style. Do you really need all that stuff in your kitchen? Think about it. Then decide on the style and colors, think about what to put on the shelves, and throw away or hide unnecessary things.

A boy’s room


When your little son reaches his teen years, it’s time for a makeover of his room. The chances are he no longer plays with toys and admires his drawings which he adored in his childhood. So, pack all those cute things in a bag and hide them in the attic. Calm green walls are no longer a match for his age, too. We suggest painting stylish two-tone acrylic strips on one of the walls. The large desk can be replaced by a modern, small table. Don’t forget to refresh the bed by repainting the frame white.

A stylish bathroom


If you want to save that quasi-historical style and demonstrate your own taste, this design is for you. Feel free to experiment with dark colors. Despite the small space, dark brown or black look very impressive. The white clinker tiles, which give the appearance of brickwork, also match well. The most difficult task here is choosing pictures to decorate the walls.

A cozy bedroom


This design is perfect for those who want to change a large bedroom in a drastic manner. Redesign the ceiling using plywood and finish it off with wooden slats to make it look higher. Replace small lamps with spotlights. Choose warm colors for the furniture. At first glance, the room seems crowded after the makeover, but, in fact, everything there is well thought-out and functional.

An artist’s corner


After insulating the room with mineral wool and gypsum board, paint the walls with any moderately bright acrylic. Unleash your imagination! Then paint the walls with acrylic paint using stencils or just your creativity. In this case, we see an excellent combination of mint, black, and gold colors.

A bright and spacious living room


To get rid of the abundance of brown, just refresh the wood floor with a varnish and remove the brown tiles around the fireplace. Then plaster the surface and put on some new ceramic tiles. Paint the walls and fireplace with white acrylic.

A warm living room


This room hasn’t been changed a lot, but it looks much more attractive after the makeover. Simply replace the window with a panoramic one, paint the walls warm beige, change the furniture, and pick up the right floor lamps. No need to change the floor — just cover it with lacquer.

A room with a story


This design is a godsend for those who have a limited budget and love objects with stories behind them. You can paint the walls and floor by yourself without calling a professional or even replace the floor with more textured wood. All the furniture was bought at garage sales or antique shops. Some of them were just artificially aged. Anything that has its own story will look organic in this room.

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