18 Makeup Ideas That Would Scare Stephen King, #3 Is Just Too Much.

It seems like every year that goes by, Halloween makeup DIYs and tutorials get better. Social media has become a great place for talented makeup artists to share their creative, hyperrealistic looks, and there’s no better time than Halloween to take makeup to the extreme.

Below are 18 incredible Halloween faces that will definitely inspire you — and maybe even scare you a little. Check them out below and start stocking up on cosmetics, because October 31st is just around the corner and you’ve got to have the spookiest makeup on the block.

01. This new taken on the Corpse Bride is way more terrifying than the original.


02. Go half-skull, half-face this Halloween.

AD-Scary-Make-Up-Ideas-02Emily Wylde

03. Because who wouldn’t want their skin to look like it’s being peeled like a banana.


04. When it doubt, choose a makeup look that’s bloody scary.


05. Transform into the meanest pumpkin in town.


06. This leopard print face paint idea is easy enough to tackle, and will have everyone seeing spots.


07. The most melancholy ghoul in town.


08. This epic makeover is all about the eyes.


09. For those who want a look that’s less scary and more sweet.

AD-Scary-Make-Up-Ideas-09Shourei’s Art & Cosplay

10. Use a fishnet stocking to create the ultimate mermaid makeup.


11. We’ll call this one a high-fashion skeleton.

AD-Scary-Make-Up-Ideas-11Pauline Darley

12. Even a makeup novice could take on this Cheshire cat look.


13. This melting face look is absolutely incredible.


14. This monochrome bride has one pop of red on her lips, creating a chilling effect.


15. So many veins, so little time.


16. Try creating this emotionally expressive pop art face.


17. A realistic zombie makeover that is simply haunting.


18. This one-eyed cat will make your Halloween guests sleep with one eye open.


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