20 Projects You Can Create Using Old Pallets

The popular growing need for the use of old pallets is continuing to make a lot more sense to folks who are financially challenged. Used pallets can be nailed together to create just about any piece of indoor or outdoor furniture. What’s even better, is that when this old wood is painted, they fit right in to the rest of any decor in your home. When you choose to work with used pallets to build furnishings for your home, you are not only doing your part in recycling but keeping this beautiful project idea alive.

When choosing to use old pallets, ensure that they are properly cleaned and are not harvesting any unwanted critters. In some cases, if the wood is in a deplorable condition, it may be more appropriate to let it serve outdoor purposes. Good re-purposed pallets can be used to create stylish living room and dining room furniture without the use of paint. In most cases, the stamp that is printed on the pallets would usually determine the condition of the material and whether or not you can paint the wood.

Not all pallets are made equally because you can be fortunate to get ‘new wood’ pallets that can easily be transformed into a bed or kitchen cabinet. People who are into this craft, are usually those handy with a hammer and nails and know their way around a drill. All pallets are not made of wood however, neither do they all come in the same size or structure. Using pallets you can build yourself a small house without having to spend tons of money on furnishings and building materials. Pallets can be be used for storing miscellaneous items in and around one’s home or turned into a wooden lantern. Anyone can develop the love of this craft because it can become an option to saving on money and maybe a business idea as well.

Always be careful when using pallets as to not injure yourself, avoid taking on more than you can handle at a time. Remember to sand the wood as to remove any splinters and apply a heavy coat of varnish to protect its durability. There are numerous websites with tutorials on how to work with pallets and building your own furniture. In the meantime, check out these 20 projects you can create with used pallets.

01. Understand That A Reclining Chair Can Be Made Using Old Pallet Wood


02. Envision A Three Layered Shelf Made From Used Pallets Painted In Black


03. Create Your Own Furniture Cabinet With Pallets


04. Use Pallet Wood As A Towel Holder Attached To The Wall


05. Build A Garbage Bin Out Of Old Pallets


06. A Cosmetic Counter Can Be Designed Using Pallet Wood


07. Use Pallet Wood To Fabricate A Dining Table


08. Realize That Pallet Wood Can Be Nailed Up To Make A Home For A Pet


09. Design Your Own Furniture Using Old Pallets


10. Envision Using Pallet Wood To Build Outdoor Furniture


11. Make A Single Chair Using Pallet Wood


12. Understand That A Board Made From Pallets To Store Tools Can Be Realized


13. Construct A Bar In Your Home Out Of Old Pallets


14. Use Pallets To Build Storage Compartments To House Garden Equipment


15. Pallets Can Be Transformed To Create Beautiful Furniture For Children’s Play Time


16. Materialize A Table Made From Pallets In A Variety Of Painted Colors


17. Build A Stool Using Old Pallets


18. Fabricate A Mirror By Simply Using Old Pallets


19. A Garbage Bin Under The Sink Can Be Built Using Old Pallets


20. Succulent-Center Table

What better way to decorate an outside table than with a striking nature-themed feature in the middle? The planting box in the center is just magnificent, and the use of succulent plants is very clever because not only do they look great, but their also very low-maintenance.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Source

This year choose to take up the project of re-purposing used pallets, either as a personal accomplishment or a business investment.

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