Artist Preserves The Beauty Of Nature In Pressed Glass Jewelry

Love nature? Can’t get enough of it? Then good news, because Russian jewelry designer Stanislava Korobkova has created these beautiful vintage-style pendants that each contain its own little piece of mother nature.

The Dublin-based designer uses tiny leaves and flowers that she finds in the Irish wilderness. She presses them flat and then inserts the dried material between delicate little windows of glass before sealing them with metal. It’s the same technique used to make Tiffany lamps, and as you can see from the pictures below, the effect is nothing short of enchanting.

“I think nature already created amazing and beautiful things,’ writes Stanislava on Etsy. “All I should do is make proper frame for them and save this beauty for years.”

These beautiful pendants are available to buy on Etsy.

More info: Etsy (H/T)








These beautiful pendants are available to buy on Etsy

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