24 Pictures That Prove 2015 Is The Damn Future

The Future Is Now!

01. First of all, we FINALLY know what Pluto looks like:


Lookin’ good, buddy.

02. There are wheelchairs that can go upstairs:

03. And phones that can bend every which way:

04. There are highlighters that take notes in real time:

05. Cooks using holograms to learn:

AD-Pictures-That-Prove-2015-Is-The-Damn-Future-05Via YouTube

06. 3D pens:

07. And printers that run line by line:

08. You can make 3D prints of your unborn child:

09. Prosthetics have never been better:

Via Reddit

10. Special effects, too:

11. And everything you could ever need lives in one place now…

AD-Pictures-That-Prove-2015-Is-The-Damn-Future-11Via Reddit

12. …your pocket:

AD-Pictures-That-Prove-2015-Is-The-Damn-Future-12Via Pinterest

13. All while the Motorola Razr sits in a MUSEUM:

AD-Pictures-That-Prove-2015-Is-The-Damn-Future-13Via Imgur

14. Augmented reality sandboxes are a thing:

AD-Pictures-That-Prove-2015-Is-The-Damn-Future-14Via YouTube

15. And so are automatic nail machines:

AD-Pictures-That-Prove-2015-Is-The-Damn-Future-15Via YouTube

16. Robots can solve Rubik’s cubes:

AD-Pictures-That-Prove-2015-Is-The-Damn-Future-16Via YouTube

17. And, yes, hoverboards exist:

18. There’s a glass box that can tell you what the weather is outside:

19. Concrete can do this:

20. Gestures can control everything:

AD-Pictures-That-Prove-2015-Is-The-Damn-Future-20Via Myo

21. Tattoos can be removed like this:

AD-Pictures-That-Prove-2015-Is-The-Damn-Future-21Via Reddit

22. And memory cards can store everything:

AD-Pictures-That-Prove-2015-Is-The-Damn-Future-22Via Twitter

23. It wasn’t that long ago when 8MB seemed like a TON:

AD-Pictures-That-Prove-2015-Is-The-Damn-Future-23Via Twitter

24. All in all, it’s good to be living in the future:

AD-Pictures-That-Prove-2015-Is-The-Damn-Future-24Via Twitter

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