Nature-Inspired Eye-Deceiving Wall Murals to Make Your Home Look Bigger

As wall murals are becoming increasingly popular in today’s interior design, these nature-inspired designs from PIXERS  captured our undivided attention. Large-scale photographs are mostly valued for their aesthetic qualities and versatility. Murals fit into any interior and transform walls into awe-inspiring pieces of art. Moreover, thanks to the reusable and removable materials like PIXERStick, they allow you to change the decor in a few moments by moving them whenever and wherever you want without leaving a sticky residue.








Living room


When it comes to the most impressive designs, photo-realistic wall murals top the list. The images of beaches, forests and other landscapes create a feeling of spaciousness and make your room visually grow to the size you would have never suspected. The following murals from PIXERS are proof that walls don’t have to be a barrier. With a bit of imagination and creativity they can come alive and open the door to another dimension. Perfect for an instant room update, these murals will probably appeal to travelers everywhere, who will be able to enjoy their favorite landscape while dreaming for the next escape.

Photos Courtesy of PIXERS

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