The 34 Most Beautiful Forests In The World… I’d Love To Walk Barefoot Through #26.

Forests cover up only a fraction of the earth’s surface today, but it used to cover up to half the earth. When most people think of forests, they immediately think of boring trees. What people fail to acknowledge, however, is that forests can be just as beautiful a sight as looking at a skyscraper view of the city. Nothing is more tranquil than enjoying the view of a forest, especially cool ones.

The 34 photos below show some of the coolest forests in the world. Some are weird and unique. Some are just drop dead gorgeous.

01. Yili Apricot Valley, China

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-01Mohammad Shahid

02. Deadvlei Forest, Namibia

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-02Duncan George

03. Beskydy Mountains, Czech Republic

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-03Jan Bainar

04. West Papua Jungle, New Guinea

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-04Frederic Lagrange

05. The Dancing or Drunken Forest, Kaliningrad


06. Quebec Forest, Canada

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-06Gilles Chênevert

07. The Moss Swamp, Romania

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-07Adrian Borda

08. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-08Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

09. The Baobabs Avenue, Madagascar

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-09Paul Cornish

10. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Kyoto


11. Ocean Forest, South Carolina

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-11Laurie R. Martin

12. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-12Alexander Ishchenko

13. Dragons Blood Forest, Socotra

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-13Piotr B

14. The Crooked Bush, Hafford

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-14Dean Jarvey

15. Meghalaya Subtropical Forest, Meghalaya

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-15uniquely india

16. Sunken Forest, Fire Island


17. Taman Negara, Malaysia

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-17Chee Hong

18. Giant Kelp Forest, Monterey Bay

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-18History of Science 134

19. The Suicide Forest, Japan

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-19JTB PHOTO

20. Otzarreta Forest, Basque Country, Spain

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-20Javier de la Torre

21. Saguaro Cactus Forest, Tuscon, Arizona

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-21Dan Sorensen

22. Ardennes Forest, Belgium

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-22Rosanne de Lange

23. Olympic National Forest, Washington

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-23Olympic National Forest

24. Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-24The Smart Local

25. The Black Forest, Germany


26. Halle’s Forest, Belgium

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-26Raimund Linke

27. The Crooked Forest, West Pomerania, Poland

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-27Maciej Bledowski

28. Ta Prohm, Cambodia

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-28Alessandro Vannucci

29. Spiny Forest, Madagascar

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-29Rod Waddington

30. The Amazon Rain Forest, Brazil

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-30Keith Cuddeback

31. Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-31Lane McCoy

32. Monkey Puzzle Forest, Chile


33. Redwood National Park, California

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-33Adarsh Dattani

34. Jiuzhaigou Valley Forest, China

AD-The-34-Most-Beautifu-Forests-In-The-World-34Prasit Chansareekorn

Source: Cover photo by Paul Cornish

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