How Does The Minimum Wage Compare Around The Globe?

Just to satisfy our curiosity, we at Architecture & Design decided to compare minimum wages in different countries around the world! It should be noted that such a comparison can’t be made based on bare numbers alone. A lot depends on each particular country’s standard of living, taxation system, and currency exchange rates.

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-01Iakov Kalinin /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-02Sergey Kelin /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-03Anton Ivanov /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-04Dmitry Chulov /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-05Ronnie Chua /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-06Lukasz Janyst /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-07S.Borisov /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-08Rrrainbow /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-09Repina Valeriya /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-10Oleg Znamenskiy /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-11TTstudio /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-12Reidl /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-13Maxim Tupikov /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-14Perati Komson /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-15Marcin Krzyzak /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-16Quick Shot /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-17Curioso /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-18Anibal Trejo /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-19Alan L Meakin /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-20givaga /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-21Paolo Costa /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-22r.nagy /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-23hikrcn /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-24dmitry_islentev /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-25Alexander Mazurkevich /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-26gyn9037 /

AD-Minimum-Wage-Compare-Around-The-Globe-27Songquan Deng /


Sources: List of sovereign states in Europe by minimum wageList of minimum wages by country

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