30 Hilarious Christmas Gag Gifts That No One Needs, But Everyone Wants.

Have you reached your limit of things to gift others? Or maybe you seem to always be that one friend who unintentionally duplicates another person’s gift. Or maybe you always get stuck in that awkward position where you bought someone a gift that they already have. If you’re any one of these things, then you’ve probably become the person who gets a gift receipt for everything.

The problem’s not you; the gifts you’re giving just aren’t original enough. What’s the best way of ensuring your gift is unique – making sure it’s a bizarre and weird one.

Take a look at some of the ones we’ve gathered below to help you out. You might even want to buy some of these for yourself.

01. A unicorn horn to fulfill all your fantasies.


02. Who doesn’t want a pair of itty bitty hands?


03. Bacon soap, because who doesn’t want to smell like bacon?


04. A coloring book for all the Ryan Gosling groupies.


05. Blood bath shower gel, this would definitely spark up an interesting conversation with any guests who were staying over.

Totally Funky

06. Not sure what you would do with this…


07. Brutally honest condoms.


08. A fail button for all failing situations.

AD-Hilarious-Christmas-Gag-Gifts-08Off the Wagon Shop

09. Underwear that’ll make your stinky odors go away.

For both men and women.

AD-Hilarious-Christmas-Gag-Gifts-09My Shreddies

10. A microwaveable s’mores maker, who says you need a camp fire?


11. Crystal crayons, now this is cool.


12. So you can bake, cook, and make sure you look good while doing it.

AD-Hilarious-Christmas-Gag-Gifts-12Perpetual Kid

13. Handerpants, underpants for your hands.


14. A necessity for all globe trotters.


15. Why not have some fun while you’re going at it?


16. Shittens, so you have full hand coverage when cleaning certain messes you definitely don’t want any skin contact with.


17. Get to know your farts.

AD-Hilarious-Christmas-Gag-Gifts-17Knock Knock Stuff

18. Sure, why not.

AD-Hilarious-Christmas-Gag-Gifts-18Off the Wagon Shop

19. Or if you prefer a British accent.

AD-Hilarious-Christmas-Gag-Gifts-19Off the Wagon Shop

20. Canned dragon meat, it must taste mystical.

AD-Hilarious-Christmas-Gag-Gifts-20Think Geek

21. Because cat puke is the #1 leading cavity fighter.

AD-Hilarious-Christmas-Gag-Gifts-21Black Lab Products

22. Dog butt magnets, the best kind.


23. Finger sporks, so you can pick up food with each finger.

AD-Hilarious-Christmas-Gag-Gifts-23Off the Wagon Shop

24. A guest book for all your house’s bathroom visitors.

AD-Hilarious-Christmas-Gag-Gifts-24Uncommon Goods

25. A white elephant for a white elephant exchange.

Very trolly and your friends will probably hate you for making this a gift.


26. Literal beer goggles to help remind you that you might have them on as well.

AD-Hilarious-Christmas-Gag-Gifts-26Totally Funky

27. So you can kiss a dolphin with every sip you take.

AD-Hilarious-Christmas-Gag-Gifts-27Lazy Bone

28. A shirt that cannot be stained.

AD-Hilarious-Christmas-Gag-Gifts-28Sillic Shirts

29. Because we all know we only care for the marshmallows.


30. And it really is.

AD-Hilarious-Christmas-Gag-Gifts-30Uncommon Goods

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