Here Are The 11 Photographers That Won The Prestigious Hasselblad Masters Awards Of 2018

One of the most prestigious photography competitions in the world has announced the winners of its 2018 contest. The Hasselblad Masters Awards are held once every 2 years, selecting the very best photographers in 11 categories. This time, the contest attracted 31,500 entries (175% more than two years ago), receiving some of the most stunning pictures from across the world.

From intimate portraits to otherworldly landscapes, the contest awards gives acclaimed professionals, as well as aspiring newcomers, the opportunity leave their mark in the world of photography. The winners will be named Hasselblad Masters, become the ambassadors of the famous Swedish name for two years. They will also receive invitations to participate in its projects, medium format Hasselblad cameras, and their work will be printed in the Hasselblad Masters book.

“It really struck me how progressive many of the entries were this year and how far the entrants were willing to push the brief,” jury member and professional photographer Tom Oldham said. “These were the photographers who caught my eye – the ballsy, out-there risk-takers who make compelling pictures that refuse to be ignored. I’m proud to have helped to get this great kit into their hands – their images deserve it.”

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Portrait Category Winner Tina Signesdottir Hult, Torvastad, Norway

Aerial Category Winner Jorge De La Torriente, Miami, USA

Beauty & Fashion Category Winner Michal Baran, Trim, Ireland

Architecture Category Winner Kamilla Hanapova, St. Petersburg, Russia

Art Category Winner Maria Svarbova, Bratislava, Slovakia

Landscape Category Winner Benjamin Everett, Lopez Island, USA

Product Category Winner Marcin Gizycki, Warszawa, Poland

Wedding Category Winner Victor Hamke, Leipzig, Germany

Wildlife Category Winner Karim Ilya, Haiku, USA

Project//21 Category Winner Nabil Rosman, Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Street/Urban Category Winner Ben Thomas, Kyneton, Australia

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