25 Gifts That Every Man Secretly Wants

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get a good gift for your father? Moms are easy – jewelry, makeup, and purses never get old. Men, on the other hand, are difficult to find gifts for as they age. Why? Because they don’t wait around for their birthday or Christmas to get what they desire; they get it when they wish for it. What do you get a man who already has everything? Well luckily for us, men don’t always think everything through. There are certain gifts we can get them that they would have never thought of. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the list we’ve compiled below. There is no way you ever even thought of #23.

01. A game that actually throws pie into your face, perfect for pranksters.


02. Because what man wouldn’t love the opportunity to literally make it rain with this cash cannon.


03. Silk Suitjamas to look good even in his sleep.

AD-Gifts-That-Every-Man-Secretly-Wants-03Legendary Suitjamas

04. A wedge ice glass to prevent watered down alcohol.


05. A door that turns into a ping pong table.


06. A cap that’ll transform his bed hair into dapper hair in seconds.


07. Robot slippers that make actual robot sounds with every step.


08. This is a MUST for every beer pong player, germophob or not.


09. A flying drone camera to capture all his action shots.


10. Finally a tie that can hold a beer!


11. Or if your guy’s less of a drinker and more of a sleeper, get him this inflatable pillow tie.


12. Because what man wouldn’t want a rubber band machine gun?


13. A bluetooth beanie that allows you to be handsfree while listening to music or conversing on your cellphone.


14. Scooter luggage, for the tardy travelbug who always needs to rush his way across the airport.

AD-Gifts-That-Every-Man-Secretly-Wants-14Micro Kickboard

15. Heated insoles, for the guys who always have cold feet.


16. For the guitarist on the go, get him this pick puncher that can create a pick out of any old cards.


17. A foot, calf, and thigh massager – perfect for men who go hard on leg day.


18. A handy mini projector that can connect to any Apple or Android mobile device.

AD-Gifts-That-Every-Man-Secretly-Wants-18Best Buy

19. For men who share the same passion for shoes as women.

AD-Gifts-That-Every-Man-Secretly-Wants-19Johnston & Murphy

20. The ultimate gym towel for your typical gym rat.


21. A digital measuring tape that would make any handyman’s day a lot easier.


22. “Scrub your nasty man hands” – say no more.


23. A bullseye laser drill, another good gift for a handyman that’ll make his projects go a lot smoother.


24. Have your man enjoy his morning shaves by gifting him with this heated shaving cream dispenser.


25. This one goes out to all the fathers who want to remain looking hip while carrying their babies.


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