25+ Garden Pathway Pebble Mosaic Ideas For Your Home Surroundings

Mosaic art stems far back as 4000 years. However it was the Greeks who took the pebble art forming to a higher level, somewhere in the eighth century. Since then the art continues to be created and seen on and around famous buildings, business establishments and the home of many people. In this article we will look at a variety of garden pathway pebble mosaic designs that we hope will trigger some ideas in your head.

You can choose to buy your mosaic pebbles online, known stores, or simply go about collecting them as some adventurous lovers of the art do. Keep each pebble sorted in separate containers based on their unique shape and color. To do this successfully you may need to wet them a bit to really tell their color. You will need to have your mortar, measuring, equipment and wheelbarrow along with all the other appropriate tools readily at hand for this project. Draw out on paper your pebble mosaic idea then sketch it in the exact area you will be creating your art design. If you are uncertain about how to proceed try doing a smaller, simpler project to ensure you really grasp the concept. Set out to work on an overcast day and ensure when you’re done you leave your work to set and dry properly.

The other option would be to hire a professional to create your pebble mosaic art in your garden pathway. People will stop to admire this delicately laid artwork so while expensive to pay to have it done, it will be a joy to look upon.

Take a look at these 29 garden pathway pebble mosaic ideas for your home surroundings.

01. A beautiful yet practical pebble mosaic artwork project for your garden pathway


02. Here In This Photo Is An Up Close Look At The Intricate Detailed Art Of Skilfully Laid Pebbles


03. Carefully laid pebble mosaic art


04. What a garden pathway?! Do you have what it takes to accomplish this project?


05. An even greater pebble mosaic challenge for your garden pathway


06. The art of laying pebble mosaic


07. Notice the style, pattern and direction in which each pebble is laid


08. Ocean creatures pebble mosaic design


09. Simple yet detailed pebble design in this pathway


10. Peacock design? Wow! Talk about skill and patience


11. A heart shaped pebble mosaic design in this garden


12. A work of art in your garden and numerous pot plants – you decide


13. Make your pebble mosaic artwork a fun project


14. Such beauty!


15. Fine definition


16. Laying the groundwork


17. A tree grown from the ground up


18. Professionally done pebble mosaic garden pathway work of art


19. Four designs to choose from


20. Simple yet very effective


21. A closer look at this pebble project


22. Smart looking butterfly project designed using pebble mosaic


23. Inserted clay structures into this pebble mosaic project


24. Colorful pebble design


25. You can always just keep it simple if you are not for any too fancy or extraordinary


26. Trying your own thing


27. Pebbles in between pavers


28. Circular pattern made with pebble mosaic in this garden


29. Leafless tree amid mosaic pebbles


Pebble mosaic art as you have seen is a great garden project to enhance your home surroundings. You can take a tutorial as there are a few videos available on the internet showing step by step the knowledge of this art. Then again, as I mentioned in the article, you can pay to have it professionally done – taken you can afford to.

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