21 Flawlessly Romantic Gifts For Sarcastic People

“I love you” = “I’m so glad we both swiped right.”

1. This beautifully-specific card:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-01Via etsy.com

$4.50 on Etsy.

2. This homage to the sassiest romantic exchange of all time:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-02Via etsy.com

$20.00 on Etsy.

3. This very honest painting:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-03Via etsy.com

$25.00 on Etsy.

4. This card for your sassy gamer bae:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-04Via etsy.com

$4.00 on Etsy.

5. This thoughtful embroidery:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-05Via etsy.com

$30.00 on Etsy.

6. This reluctant confession:

Via etsy.com

$4.75 on Etsy.

7. These “love you dirtbag” rings that say it better than you could:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-07Via etsy.com

$70.00 on Etsy.

8. This simple message:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-08Via etsy.com

$5.00 on Etsy.

9. This suspenseful necklace:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-09Via etsy.com

$14.50 on Etsy.

10. This wonderful fess-up:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-10Via etsy.com

$4.25 on Etsy.

11. These matching enthusiastic hearts:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-11Via etsy.com

$14.88 on Etsy.

12. This flawless explanation of what makes your relationship great:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-12Via etsy.com

$4.71 on Etsy.

13. This hyperbolic declaration of love:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-13Via etsy.com

$4.00 on Etsy.

14. These hearts that should totally exist in candy form too:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-14Via etsy.com

$29.99 on Etsy.

15. This master plan:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-15Via etsy.com

$5.00 on Etsy.

16. This high-bar of achievement:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-16Via etsy.com

$5.00 on Etsy.

17. This appreciative pendant:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-17Via etsy.com

$3.80 on Etsy.

18. This intimate phrase:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-18Via etsy.com

$3.94 on Etsy.

19. This anti-establishment card that has plenty of space for a more sincere message (or, not):

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-19Via etsy.com

$3.00 on Etsy.

20. This genius hidden message:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-20Via etsy.com

$4.50 on Etsy.

21. And this painfully self-aware gift:

AD-Perfect-Gifts-For-Your-Equally-Sarcastic-Partner-21Via etsy.com

$4.50 on Etsy.

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