30 Celebrities Who Have Extravagant Closets, You’ll Fall In Love With #24

Most of us have pretty unimpressive closets: It’s not because we’re necessarily disorganized, it’s because we usually lack the space for an epic, massive closet — and lack the extensive wardrobe to show off inside.

Celebrities, though…well, they’re a little bit different. Many of them have dozens of designer dresses, hundreds of pairs of shoes, and enough accessories to start their own little department store. As such, they need the closets to match. You can see a collection of these insane celebrity closets below. Christina Aguilera’s is absolutely mind-blowing.

01. Ellen DeGeneres and her partner Portia de Rossi share a closet in their Beverly Hills home. As you can see, they have decidedly different tastes in footwear.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-01Roger Davies

02. Elton John has been amassing a huge sunglasses collection since the mid seventies, so he clearly needs a closet to display them all at his English estate.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-02Mary E. Nichols

03. Brooke Shields’ Greenwich Village home has a massive closet, complete with a rolling shoe rack and library ladder.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-03William Waldron

04. Khloe Kardashian has strong feelings about closet organization. “I would not have my closet any other way but color coordinated,” she said in an interview. “It makes getting dressed in the morning much easier, and makes your closet appear much cleaner.”

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-04Khloe Kardashian

05. Steve Wynn has a closet designed with tones of the Las Vegas desert sand, which perfectly shows off his massive collection of ties.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-05Mary E. Nichols

06. Ashley Tisdale loves high heels and has plenty in her closet, but she also collects Nike sneakers.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-06Ashley Tisdale

07. Olivia Wilde transformed her guest room into a closet, and the finished result is super plush and perfect for her amazing wardrobe.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-07William Waldron

08. Kristin Cavallari, former reality star, organizes her closet by garment, storing each of them in their respective spaces.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-08Kristin Cavallari

09. Jennifer Hawkins, former Miss Universe, has an amazing walk-in closet for her extensive wardrobe.


AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-09-1Jennifer Hawkins

10. Kaley Cuoco’s closet is comprised of three rooms — yes, three.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-10Kaley Cuoco

11. Mariah Carey is larger-than-life, so it makes sense that her closets would be too. She has all of her clothing and shoes on display, and she owns hundreds of pairs of stilettos.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-11Scott Frances

12. Jessica Alba has a custom closet with personal touches, as she loves to make her space her own.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-12Jessica Alba

13. Fergie’s closet was created by knocking down the wall between two rooms, and her husband has lovingly dubbed it “Fergieland.”

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-13Douglas Friedman

14. Eva Longoria has an amazing closet full of shoes and designer garments, including 50 pairs of jeans.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-14Robert Erdmann

15. Ralph Lauren’s closet is appropriately posh, housing his dapper wardrobe and many pairs of riding boots.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-15Durston Saylor

16. Jada Pinkett Smith’s closet keeps it simple, but it still shoes off her amazing shoe collection.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-16Roger Davies

17. Jamie King’s closet isn’t huge, but it’s incredibly well organize and shows off her enviable wares.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-17Jamie King

18. C. C. Sabathia had custom cabinetry built to show off his extensive show collection.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-18Durston Saylor

19. Paula Abdul has a 5,000 square foot closet in her home, with each item numbered and organized accordingly. She also has a huge heel collection; unsurprising, considering the singer is just about five feet tall.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-19Paul Costello

20. Miley Cyrus’ closet is equal parts feminine and peculiar, kind of like the star herself.


21. Rachel Zoe loves her shoes, and her closet is a shoe-lover’s ultimate fantasy.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-21Rachel Zoe

22. Donny Deutsch has a custom closet space for all of his shoes, along with an incredible pony hair bench in the middle to sit on when putting them on.


AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-22-1Nikolas Koenig

23. Oprah Winfrey’s closet is grandiose and hyper-organized — even her t-shirts are organized by color.


24. Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon has a closet full of, well, Jimmy Choos.


25. Christina Aguilera has two giant closets, one dedicated entirely to shoes. She organizes them by designer, and has a library ladder to be able to reach them all.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-25Douglas Friedman

26. Nicky Hilton has a massive walk-in closet, which houses her hundreds of pairs of designer shoes and 200+ handbags.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-26Paul Costello

27. Kimora Lee Simmons combined two actual bedrooms in her home to create her closet. She definitely needs it: The mogul has over 500 pairs of jeans, 35 custom Birkin bags, and a huge jewelry collection.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-27Bobby Fisher

28. Jamie-Lynn Sigler, former star on the Sopranos, has a custom closet to keep her stuff organized. “For years I have not been able to find anything in my closet,” says Sigler. “Now I see all my clothes shoes and accessories, even some stuff I completely forgot I had .. with the tags still on them!”

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-28Paul Costello

29. Jillian Harris, former Bachelorette, has an entire room dedicated to her clothing.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-29Janis Nicolay Photography

30. Finally, Paris Hilton’s closet has exactly as many shoes as you would have guessed.

AD-Extravagant-Celebrity-Closets-30Paris Hilton

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