These 100% Sustainable Homes Will Make You Rethink Your Priorities In Life.

An Earthship is a type of forward-thinking, 100% sustainable home. What this means is that, if you decide to build one of these, you can essentially live ‘off the grid’… providing yourself with your own food, power, water, sewage treatment, and so on. Furthermore, these homes are made of completely recycled material, and are extremely earth-friendly.

Read on to discover some reasons why it would be completely awesome to have an Earthship! You just never know when the apocalypse might get here.

01. Awesome To Live In

Just because you want to live in completely self-sustaining home, doesn’t mean it has to be primitive, as if it were separated from the 21st century! Believe it or not, these homes actually have quite a lot of modern amenities you would find in a typical home.

Inside! Our kitchen area is to the left. There is another hook to hang a water bag over the sink. There is a propane grill and a cooler for us to use as well. On the right cloes to the windows is the battery that is being charged by the solar panels out front.




02. Free Food

No matter what climate it is, Earthships can grow their own food and crops year-round, thanks to the 2 greenhouses that each house is outfitted with. Optionally, you can choose to build a fish pond or chicken coop for a continuous source of eggs and meat.

03. Superior Water Recycling

Even the most arid and bitter climates are no match for an Earthship, which uses one-of-a-kind rain harvesting system to provide a brilliant use of water recycling. First, water collects on the entire roof of the Earthship. This water funnels down into a cistern which pumps it into sicks and showers. “Grey water” from the bathroom is pumped to the greenhouse to water plants, and then back to the bathroom for use in the toilets.

04. Energy

Thanks to the wind turbines, and an entire roof dedicated to solar panels, you’ll never be short of power, just as long as you aren’t being too aggressive with your electricity use.

05. No Bills!

This might be the most amazing one – you have NO BILLS each month! That means you are completely FREE (just think about that for a moment… completely and extraordinarily free). To put it another way: without bills, you don’t need to have a job, and you can spend time doing ONLY what you love. Remember, because an Earthship is 100% sustainable you don’t even need to worry about food or power. You can spend all your time perfecting your hobbies, planting, painting, learning guitar – anything you want! Just imagine what it would be like to focus on the things you’ve said you wanted to do your whole life but never got around to.

06. Easy to Build

At a recent Earthship conferece, a lovely couple shared how they built their own 3-story Earthship home, with no help from others, in only 3 months! They had never built anything before in their lives, and were able to build the home using basic plans. They also didn’t even need any expensive equipment to get the job done.

07. Cheap

Believe it or not, an Earthship is outrageously less expensive than a typical home. You can get away with the most basic Earthship at a perfectly reasonable $7,000 price tag. Depending on how ornate you want to make your home, the price tag can go up tens of thousands, but that really only depends on how flashy you want to be.

Want to see an extra cool Earthship in the US? Check out the Earthship Project in New York for something truly extraordinary…

This is such an incredible idea, and most importantly – it’s feasible. Not many people can drop what their doing and go off and live in a remote area with no hassles, but for the few that don’t have a mortgage and not many bills, this is a radical life-changing decision that may end up being the best decision that person has ever taken. By living off the grid you could essentially live life in an entirely different way thats by your own rules. Share this story and find out if your friends would be willing to make the leap.

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