15 Dreamy Things You Didn’t Realize Your Bedroom Needed

These clever items will make your space more tranquil and relaxing.

01. A Multifunctional Bedside Table

When not in use, this piece just looks like a luxe side table that takes the style in your room up a few notches. But it reality it’s so much more: the surface pulls up and out, offering a table for breakfast, reading, or even working (if you must) in bed.

AD-Dreamy-Things-You-Didn't-Realize-Your-Bedroom-Need-01See more at Peter Carlson »

La Vela

02. A Built-In Dog Bed

If you don’t want your pup tucked under the covers with you, you can still keep him close thanks to this private nook — complete with frilly curtains.

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Colchão Inteligente Postural

03. A Nightstand That Charges Your Phone

When you attach a futuristic charging mat to the bottom of your bedside table, you can charge your phone without even thinking about it — making it literally impossible to forget to plug in your device at night.

AD-Dreamy-Things-You-Didn't-Realize-Your-Bedroom-Need-03Get the tutorial at Brit + Co »

Brit + Co

04. A Super-Smart Mattress Cover

Ready for better, deeper sleep? This company reports that their mattress is designed with technology that senses and analyzes over 15 factors to help you sleep your best — including the environment in your bedroom and your own individual sleeping patterns.

AD-Dreamy-Things-You-Didn't-Realize-Your-Bedroom-Need-04Reserve yours for $99, eightsleep.com

Eight Sleep

 05. A Coffee-Brewing Alarm Clock

There’s nothing better than waking up to the waft of freshly-brewed beans in the morning — it’s like a gentle nudge saying “everything will be okay.” Which is why you need this alarm clock ASAP.

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Joshua Renouf

06. A Sophisticated Lamp

You know that magic hour when the sun is setting and everything is washed in orange light? Or what about the famous Northern Lights? This app (that comes with a light sphere) can give your bedroom any of the mood lighting you’re looking for.

AD-Dreamy-Things-You-Didn't-Realize-Your-Bedroom-Need-06$40, elgato.com

Elgato Avea Mood Light

07. A DVD Organizer For Movies In Bed

If your favorite activity in bed is watching movies, why keep your DVD collection in the living room? Store ’em under your bed in a pull-out drawer the size of your mattress. Then tuck it away and out of sight after you make your selection.

AD-Dreamy-Things-You-Didn't-Realize-Your-Bedroom-Need-07See more at Apartment Therapy »

Apartment Therapy

08. A Lofted Bed Closet

When not in use, this bed just looks tall and stylish. But really it’s a cover for a smart closet under the lofted mattress — all you have to do is lift it up when you want to get dressed, then pull it down to make it all go away.

AD-Dreamy-Things-You-Didn't-Realize-Your-Bedroom-Need-08See more at Dielle »


09. A Curtain Wall Around Your Bed

When you drape curtains around an iron frame you can add privacy and romance to even the most traditional of rooms — plus it’ll help block out just a little bit more light.

AD-Dreamy-Things-You-Didn't-Realize-Your-Bedroom-Need-09Max Kim-Bee

10. A Beautiful Breakfast Tray

Listen, in order to be treated to waffles from the comfort of your cozy bed, you have to own a tray — it’s as simple as that. But it doesn’t hurt that this rustic one also adds serious style to all-white bedding.

AD-Dreamy-Things-You-Didn't-Realize-Your-Bedroom-Need-10See more at Funky Junk Interiors »

Funky Junk Interiors

11. A Mattress That Adjusts To Your Needs

This mattress basically features two different beds so you and your partner can set the softness and firmness based on your preference — and not the other’s. Plus, Sleep Number’s latest addition to their line — the “It” Bed – will sense your sleeping patterns and make suggestion, too.

AD-Dreamy-Things-You-Didn't-Realize-Your-Bedroom-Need-11$1,100, sleepnumber.com

Sleep Number

12. A Dreamy Twinkle Light Display

When hung from the ceiling and draped in white linens, Christmas lights look almost magical and give off a soft, radiant glow that will undoubtably lull you into a deep, deep sleep.

AD-Dreamy-Things-You-Didn't-Realize-Your-Bedroom-Need-12See more at Mrs. Jones »

Mrs. Jones

13. A Cozy Reading Corner

Sometimes your bed is just too soft, while your desk chair is too hard. The solution? A corner bench built for reading your latest hardcover pick.

AD-Dreamy-Things-You-Didn't-Realize-Your-Bedroom-Need-13Lara Resen

14. A Solution For Overflowing Laundry

At first mention, you might not think laundry baskets are a bedroom luxury you should add to your wish list, but these roll-away versions will keep your clutter under control and let you stuff dirty clothes sky-high, yet out of sight.

AD-Dreamy-Things-You-Didn't-Realize-Your-Bedroom-Need-14See more at Meg & the Martin Men »

Meg & The Martin Men

15. A Fun Hammock Chair

It’s the exact swinging reading spot you wished you’d had as a kid — so why not make one for yourself now?

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A Beautiful Mess

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