30 DIY Lampshades That Will Light Up Your Life

What’s the first thing you do every morning after you wake up and the last thing you do every night before you get in bed? You turn on and off your light! Lamps are frequently an afterthought in your decor, but they’re actually a great opportunity to add a little bit of flair to your room. Here are 30 DIY lampshade ideas that add some creativity—and light—to your space.

1. “Bright Ideas” Lampshade


Using just a fabric marker, you can create this meta, graphic design that’s sure to spark your creativity.

(via Jade and Fern)

2. Ombre Lampshade


Want to know the super awesome hack behind this project? The colors are created using hair dye!

(via Paper Buttons)

3. Faux Flower Lampshade


We’re loving the slightly shabby chic vibe of this piece and think it would look great in either bohemian-style decor or a black-and-white mod room.

(via Mr. Kate)

4. Fabric Tape Lampshade


Fabric tape is a more durable, stickier, and softer version of washi tape, and we love it! This lampshade uses the material to create an intriguing geometric design.

(via Brit + Co.)

5. Bottle + Fork = Printed Lampshade


First of all, this lampshade was made from scrap using fabric, a glass bottle, and a couple of crafting supplies from around the house, which is awesome. Second, how cool is that pattern? It was made using a fork as a stamp!

(via Ohoh Blog)

6. Chevron Lamp


We can’t decide which we love more: how cool chevron looks in gold or how easy it is to create the pattern with painter’s tape.

(via Pomp and Circumstance)

7. Spray Painted Lamps


If you’re looking to make your lamp match your decor, this is an easy way to achieve it. The yellow turned out so rich in this tutorial!

(via Decor Chick)

8. Mustache Lamp


Funny and funky, this lamp is perfect for any hipster out there.

(via Live and Love Out Loud)


Spray painting the inside of your lampshade gold bathes the whole room in warm light. It’s making us want to curl up in an armchair with a good book and a glass of wine.

(via Little Black Door)


Warning: may cause wanderlust. Map decor is right up our alley, and we’re loving this revamped shade.

(via Silver Boxes)


Just take the fabric off an old lampshade, and you’ve got a contemporary sculptural piece and a lighting solution.

(via All Put Together)


Using yarn to create the ombre effect is a unique (and easy!) way to get in on the trend.

(via Vintage Revivals)


A little paint goes a long way! This Parisian project was handpainted, but we’re betting you could find a cool stencil to achieve a similar effect.

(via Upcycling My Life)


Balsa wood is bendy which allows you to manipulate it into shapes and patterns, as shown in this truly original shade.

(via Pomp and Circumstance)


Wow! Who knew that ping pong balls could look so chic? We guess they’re not just for frat boys after all…

(via Poppytalk)


This mosaic-style print is chevron meets tribal and the blue and brown color combo is totally rad. Besides, didn’t you know leather is so in right now?

(via Brit + Co.)


The perfect way to add some light in your library, this lamp is also great for giving old and out of date books new life.

(via Apartment Therapy)


What happens when you combine the neon trend with the geometric one? This awesome lamp that is both minimalist and eye-catching.

(via Say Yes to Hoboken)


 Get your kids dreaming up their own fairy tales with this clever project.

(via Chica and Jo)

20. Tapered Shade into Drum Shade


It’s surprisingly easy (and inexpensive) to turn an existing tapered lampshade into a drum shade, if you’re looking to switch up your look.

(via Apartment Therapy)


Add just a touch of color to get a subtly pretty addition to your room.

(via Little Green Notebook)


Grab a Sharpie and get going with this DIY. Write a favorite quote, some fun song lyrics, or, like this blogger did, a letter to your little one—utterly adorable for the nursery!

(via A Little Glass Box)


Next time you take a trip to the hardware store, stock up on zipties to create an awesome ombre table lamp.

(via Apartment Therapy)


A little paint and some creativity will help you add your own personal touch to your space.

(via 29 Rue House)


This slightly rustic idea is as simple as it is pretty. Plus, it’ll make you a wrap star 😉

(via A Night Owl)


Experiment with different ribbon and fabric combos to create an interesting and individual look.

(via Apartment Therapy)


We love DIY copycat projects — why not get the same look for less? This Pottery Barn-inspired shade was made for less than $10, and the original retailed for $159. Nice!

(via The Shabby Creek Cottage)


Add some glitz to your day with this lampshade. We’re loving the combo of faux bois and glitter for a natural-meets-glam look.

(viaVintage Revivals)


You didn’t think we’d forget our old friend washi tape, did you? Using one color of tape here lets the pattern speak for itself. Besides, with washi tape, it’s easy to remove so you can switch things up if you change your mind.

(via Domestically Speaking)


Making these rosettes is shockingly easy. It allows you to experiment with your own fabric and patterns to get a unique piece for your space.

(via Brit + Co.)

Which project is your fave? Did we miss any awesome shades out there? Let us know in the comments below.

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