60+ Creative Teabag Designs For Tea Lovers

Tea is the most popular drink in the world after water. According to the U.N Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), six billion cups are drank every day around the globe. And for good reason too. Not only does it taste great but it’s also full of antioxidants and other awesome stuff to improve your health. But just when we thought tea couldn’t get any better, we found this bunch of amazing teabags. Compiled by A&D, the list below contains quite possibly the most creative teabags ever. And once you’ve seen them, you’ll never look at normal teabags in the same way again. You have been warned. (H/T: Bored Panda)

01. Goldfish Tea Bags

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-01Charm Villa

02. Flowering Tea Bags

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-02Andrej Krahne

03. Butterfly Tea Bag

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-03Yena Lee

04. Hot Water Turns Stressful Symbols On Tea Bags Into Calm Ones


05. Green Tea Bird Bag

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-05Natalia Ponomareva

06. Dolphin Tea Bag


07. Tea Hangers

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-07Soon Mo Kang

08. Mini Umbrella Tea Bag

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-08Soo Jin Lee

09. Flower Tea Bags


10. North American Tea Packaging Design

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-10Sophie Pépin

11. Paper Boats Attached To Tea Bags


12. Funny Royal Tea Party

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-12Donkey Creative Lab

13. Polaroid Frame Tea Bag Tags


14. Interesting Tea Bags Ideas


15. Beautiful Handmade Tea Bags


16. Bunny Shaped Tea Bags


17. Cute Tea Bags And Gift Box


18. Fillable Tea Bags


19. Tea Bags Shaped Look Like Cigarettes


20. Spooky Halloween Tea Bags

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-20Handmade Charlotte

21. Laundry Tea Bag


22. Healthy Tea Bag Designs For The House Cafe

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-22Gökhan Yücel

23. Envelope And Heart Tea Bag


24. Adorable Tea Hangers

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-24Big Nerd Wolf

25. Illustration Tea Bags

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-25Chin Yu

26. Christmas Tea Bags

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-26Dho Yee Chung

27. Fish Shaped Tea Bags


28. Quotes On Tea Bag

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-28Jess Gerjets

29. Creative Envelope With Letter Tea Bags


30. Tea For Two

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-30Tom Chludil

31. Tea Forte

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-31Peter Hewitt

32. Plane Shaped Tea Bags


33. Floral Herbal Tea Bag

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-33Homemade for Friends

34. DIY Heart Shaped Tea Bags For Valentine’s Day


35. Tea Shopping Bag

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-35Yunsong Tylor Lee

36. Gaga Tea

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-36Nathalie Hallman

37. Rin Green Tea Bag

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-37Rin Green

38. Tea Vintage Closet


39. Gold Wedding Tea Bag

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-39Roses and Teacups

40. Tea Bags From Scrapbook Paper

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-40D.I.Y. Dreamer

41. Weekly Tea Story

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-41Ayaka Ito

42. Tea Bags Inspired By Japanese Culture


43. Creative Tea Bag


44. Tea Bags With Heart Dippers


45. Remarkable Tea Bag Design

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-45Limeng Lu

46. Illustration Character Tea

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-46Rachel Ching

47. Spring Tea Bag

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-47Marjorie Lacombe

48. Colorful Handmade Tea Bags

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-48Brit Co

49. Reusable Organic Fabric Tea Bags


50. Beautiful Jasmine Tea Bags


51. Cheesecloth Filter Tea Bags


52. Cat Shaped Saffron Tea Bag


53. Handmade Tea Bag Holders


54. Handsewn Fabric Tea Bags For Loose Tea Favors

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-54Kathy Beymer

55. Lavender Tea Bag

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-55Garden Therapy

56. Cheesecloth And Muslin Tea Bags


57. Handmade Scripture Tea Bag

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-57Rachel Wojo

58. Tea Bags With A Message

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-58The Simple Well

59. Joy Tea Bags

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-59Arcadia Farms

60. DIY Tea Bags


61. Cute Tea Bag


62. The Love Birds Tea Bag

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-62Wedding Cottage

63. A Series Of Character Design For A Fun Tea Bags

AD-Creative-Tea-Bag-Packaging-Designs-63Jin Hui Tan

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