40+ Creative Pinecone Crafts For Your Holiday Decorations

Decorating your home with your family is one of the most exciting things to do during the holiday season. Nature is one of the best places to look for craft inspirations. Incorporating nature into your home decoration is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. It’s the time of the year when you can find pinecones everywhere. Pinecones are traditional decoration for the holiday season. They give a natural touch to your home decors and can be combined with other items such as candles for a perfect display. In this post we have rounded up more than 40 creative pinecone crafts for your holiday decorations. From pinecone Christmas trees to pinecone wreath, we are sure you will be inspired and make something beautiful with all the pinecones you have collected. They are also wonderful crafts to work with kids. Let’s check them out and keep with the holiday spirit. Enjoy!

01. Pinecone Christmas Tree

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-01Tutorial via Crafter’s Delights

02. Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-02Tutorial via Crafts by Amanda

03. Pinecone Christmas Wreath

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-03Tutorial via Do It Yourself Divas

04. DIY Ombre Pinecones

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-04Tutorial via WhimZeeCal

05. Felt and Pinecone Owl Ornaments


AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-05-1Tutorial via Lia Griffith

06. Quick and Easy Snowy Chocolate Pinecones

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-06Tutorial via Handmade Charlotte

07. Pinecone Fairy Ornaments

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-07Tutorial via Willodel Blog

08. Pinecone Candle Holders

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-08Tutorial via A Little Loveliness

09. Pinecone Tree Centerpiece

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-09Tutorial via Paging Fun Mums

10. Pinecone Flowers

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-10Tutorial via A Fanciful Twist

11. Pinecone Gnomes

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-11-0Tutorial via We Bloom Here

12. Pinecones & Berries DIY Christmas Centerpiece

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-12Tutorial via Julie Blanner

13. Pinecone and Nut Wreath and Topiary

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-13Tutorial via Vekoria

14. Pinecone Topiray

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-14Tutorial via Somewhat Simple

15. Pinecone Christmas Trees

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-15Tutorial via Scissors and Spoons

16. Nature Inspired Pinecone Snap Ornaments

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-16Tutorial via Michaels

17. Pinecone Wreath

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-17Tutorial via Design Dining and Diapers

18. Pinecone Roses

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-18Tutorial via Creative Green Living

19. Pinecone Christmas Tree

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-19Tutorial via Louisiana Bride

20. Felted Wool and Pinecone Christmas Tree

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-20Tutorial via The Magic Onions

21. Pottery Barn Inspired Pinecone Cluster

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-21Tutorial via Brown Sugar Toast

22. Bushy Pinecone Garland

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-22Tutorial via How to Decorate

23. Pinecone Candle Holder

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-23Tutorial via Stylizimo

24. Snowy Pinecone Wreath

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-24Tutorial via Southern Living

25. Frost-tipped Pinecones Wreath to Decorate Your Front Door


AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-25-1Tutorial via Woman’s Day

26. Pom Poms and Pinecones Christmas Ornaments

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-26Tutorial via One Little Project

27. Cinnamon-Scented Pinecones

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-27Tutorial via eHow

28. Beewax Pinecone Christmas Trees

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-28Tutorial via Parenting Fun Everyday

29. Glitter & Snow Pinecones

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-29Tutorial via Blissfully Ever After

30. DIY Pinecone Ornaments

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-30Tutorial via Shanty 2 Chic

31. Lighted Pinecone Arrangement

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-31Tutorial via Martha Stewart

32. Dress up a Chandelier with White-tip Pinecones

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-32Tutorial via Better Homes and Gardens

33. Pinecone Reindeer Ornaments

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-33Tutorial via fireflies and Mud Pies

34. Elf and Owl Pinecone Ornaments

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-34Tutorial via Memories on Clover Lane

35. Pinecone Christmas Trees

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-35Tutorial via Elementary Art Fun

36. Pinecone Reindeer Homemade Ornaments

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-36Tutorial via Kids Craft Room

37. Pinecone Wreath

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-37Tutorial via V and Co

38. Little Miss Pine Cones Go Skiing

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-38Tutorial via Bella Dia

39. Pinecone Christmas Trees

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-39Tutorial via Our Mini Family

40. Santa Gnome Pinecone Ornaments

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-40Tutorial via Jessica Jane Handmade

41. Felt and Pine Cone Elves

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-41Tutorial via Lia Griffith

42. Pinecone Tree Craft

AD-Creative-Pinecone-Crafts-For-Your-Holiday-Decorations-42Tutorial via Sugar and Charm

If you have other holiday craft ideas with pinecones, please let us know and we would love to add them into this list. Thank you!

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