I Create Crazy Photo Manipulations With My Three Daughters And Son, And Here’s What We Made So Far

My name is John Wilhelm. I was born 1970 in Winterthur Switzerland where I still live together with my wife and my four kids (3 girls and 1 son).

Photography was always important in my life. My father was an experienced hobby-photographer and founded at least two local photography-associations. So I grew up in an environment of cameras, magazines, lenses, selfmade camera-baggages, darkrooms and funny weddings.

I wasn’t very excited back then about those films and development processes. It was such a fiddling in my eyes.

The importance of photography changed into joy when I was holding my first digital cam in my hands. The fire was sparked off and a long journey begun, a journey through lots of camera systems, techniques, experiences and finally software products. Feburary 2011, I decided to take a step across the border of plain photography. I entered the world of photoshop and 3D-tools. That was the best thing I every did… now photography is a complete passion!

More info: Facebook | johnwilhelm.ch (H/T)

01. The Good Weather Umbrella

02. Dreaming Of The Ocean

03. Children Have No Choice

04. Toilet Paper Harvest

05. Dinner Is Served

06. Bent Banana Inc

08. Just A Nightly Encounter

09. Spaghettitime

10. Catch It Like A Dog

11. Feeding A Stinky Pelican

12. Just A Little Overtaking

13. Dad And Me

14. Just A Loop Slide

15. Snow Angel – Springtime Edition

16. Just A Little Beaver

17. Dandelion Self-Defense

18. Just A Little Gravity Issue

19. Getting Rid Of That Baby Fat

20. Wal(B)rus(Hing)

21. Just A Knitting Needle And A Wall Socket

22. The Hike By Night

23. The Photoholic Construction Kit

24. Inflatitties

25. Inflagranti

26. Mila Button And Lou-Ke The Engine Driver

27. Kissing A Fake Frog King

28. Yuna Stark – Queen Of Westeros

29. Online And Offlife

30. Just A Little Snowflake

31. Living In A Plastic World

32. The Hike

33. Just A Little Business Girl

34. Happy New Year

35. The Original Baby Cradle

36. Running Out Of Time

37. Just An Animal Lover

38. Just Two Girls And A Vespa 1947

39. So Close And Yet So Far

40. Black Friday

41. If Pinocchio Had Glasses

42. Just A Little Homework

43. Spring Preparation

44. The Rose’s Revenge

45. Silly Clone Academy – Auditorium

46. Just An Unsuccessful Backscratcher

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