50 Cool Ideas To Display Family Photos On Your Walls

Photos with your family are something we all cherish and would like to keep near us all the time. What do you do when you want to follow that rule but also have a creative decor? Well, you take one of the clever ideas for displaying family pictures we supply you with! There are lots of different ways you can do this. Opt for the larger sizes of pictures if you like the quality of the photo and look for an impactful effect.

Choose to hang a few of them on a string with clothespins to have a free and simple ambiance. Mix them with prints of inspirational words or quotes. See? There are solutions available for any taste and personality. Browse through the collection offered in the following link and make your family pictures display the best in the neighborhood.

01. This one is a rather unusual and un-traditional family portrait. The family members are only immortalized from their neck down. But, even though their faces remain unseen, they are very well represented by everything else.


02. Select frames of the same color, but vary the design

AD-Cool-Ideas-To-Display-Family-Photos-On-Your-Walls-02So you have pictures in a variety of sizes and you wonder how you’ll ever find matching frames… Have no fear! If you’re looking for frames of the same color, let go of style restrictions but hang onto your color of choice. Below we see a grouping of photos in black frames. Some are thick, some are thin, some have double mats, some hold two pictures. Do these differences matter? Absolutely not! In fact, they add interest to the vignette. Not to mention, a can of spray paint can easily convert frames of a different color to your hue of choice.

03. A flexible grid pattern is perfect for most family walls.


04. Picture frames of the same size and shape could be used to create an original and stylish décor. If you use rectangular photo frames you can alternate horizontal and vertical positions. It’s an interesting way of adding a modern touch to a rather traditional method.


05. A few family photos displayed on the wall, above your desk or work area, can make this space feel more personalized. They can be made in black and white for a more artistic touch.


06. Creative Staircase Wall decorating idea with Family photo frames.


07. In this case we have a bunch of small photos organized beautifully in a large frame. This method is nice in the case of travel photos. When organized like this they look like a giant negative. It’s unusual and original.


08. Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room


09. If you really treasure your family photos and if you have many of them, you could create a photo wall. If the wall is white then the shelves should be white as well. This way the photos are the only ones to stand out.


10. Add interest with antique frames

AD-Cool-Ideas-To-Display-Family-Photos-On-Your-Walls-10For some wall gallery creators, the display is every bit as important as the photos themselves. Using antique frames to surround prized pictures can add intrigue and create a sense of history. In fact, some of the best antique frames used to be mirrors! In the image below, note the double outlining achieved by the strategic placement of one frame inside of the next.

11. Here’s some alternating rectangle action.




13. Clearly size matters.




15. Have a ton of small photos and not enough wall space? With this trick, you can display them anywhere you want!




17. You can string them against walls as well.


18. A great, rustic way of framing your loved ones.


19. Another interesting idea is to alternate black and white photos with color photos. Print them with the same dimensions and shape and create a symmetrical display on a wall of the living room. A wall adjacent to the windows would be great.




21. Matching the right photos with your furniture and color schemes is how to take that room to the next level of fab.


22. Here’s another idea: create a few identical picture frames, larger than the photos you wish to display, and use background in different colors. The effect will be a little dramatic but still playful and casual.


23. This is a very clever and original way of displaying old family photos. Find some simple glass bottles and insert the photos inside the bottles. The idea is similar to the classical ship in a bottle. They would look great on the mantel.


24. Just when you thought you’ve seen every way a picture can be framed. See the DIY here.


25. Another interesting method would be to make some pin boards or bulletin boards and to use clothespins to hang the photos. It would work best with black and white photos.


26. Set the holidays off with a photo wreath. You can make specific ones for each holiday!


27. A similar idea is to use metal wires. Simply attach them to a wall and make sure they’re parallel. Then use some clips to hang the photos. It’s a very sleek and simple way of displaying your favorite family photos and it could also be applied to something else.


28. Of course, we could never ignore the pallets. They can be used for anything, including displaying photos. Simply remove a few boards from one side of the pallet and a small shelf should be created. To complete this rustic image, add a few floral decorations as well.


29. With a little creativity and the right lighting you can create a photo frame out of nearly anything.


30. Here’s an Awesome DIY for making photo tiles for your viewing pleasure.


31. With the proper arranging, black and white can really stand out.


32. Mix in some special words or sayings for an emotional touch.


33. This is a rather traditional way of displaying photos. This is a home office and it features a portion of the wall that was covered with photos of the same size, shape and type. It’s a nice way of adding a personal touch to your working space.




35. Family Tree On Wall




37. Fishing Pole Picture Frame Metal


38. The staircase is a classical area for displaying family photos. That’s because it’s a space where you can’t use many other types of decorations. A large collection of family photos would look beautiful if you use the same type of frames but with different sizes.


39. Idea + Solution for the Wall Behind the TV




41. In this case we have a bunch of small photos organized beautifully in a large frame. This method is nice in the case of travel photos. When organized like this they look like a giant negative. It’s unusual and original.




43. Family Photo Wall Clock


44. Hanging Pictures in Frame




46. Because every Picture has a story to tell.




48. Snapshots are very interesting. They immortalize natural and real moments and expressions. You can use them to create large collections of photos and you can display them on a wall in areas such as the entrance, the hallway, the staircase, etc.


49. Decorative Ladder – Reclaimed Old Wooden Ladder


50. Lauren Liess- Master Bedroom

Liess Home

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