17-Year-Old Does An “It”-Themed Photoshoot With His Baby Brother, And It Will Give You Nightmares

Twisted clowns terrify a lot of children, but twisted child clowns easily petrify most adults, too. 17-year-old Mississippi photographer Eagan Tilghman has released pictures of a creative photoshoot he did with his 3-year-old brother Louie, and the results look nightmarishly realistic.

Eagan dressed Louie up as Pennywise from Stephen King’s “It”. The 17-year-old did everything himself, including makeup and creating the chilling costume. Everything was so well produced, even Andy Muschietti, the director for the upcoming movie remake of “It”, appreciated Eagan’s Instagram post with a like.

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The terrifying three’s: Louie became unrecognizable thanks to fire-orange hair spray, white face makeup, black and red stained lips, a dark smudged nose, and two vertical stripes that ran from his forehead down to his mouth

Double take: The photoshoot even  took Louie into water in a shot that displays his body submerged, save for a menacing face

Say cheese: Although the costume was uncannily similar to Hollywood’s evil clown, the tot’s adorable smile shone through

Miniwise: Louie Tilghman, three, was transformed into a miniature version of Stephen King’s It clown Pennywise in an impressive and chilling costume created by his brother Eagan, 17, who was inspired by heroes and villains, in Mississippi

Hidden horror: The photoshoot took Louie to solitary woods, abandoned train tracks, and behind colorful balloons (above)

The brothers are hoping their photoshoot catches the eyes of Ellen DeGeneres

17-year-old Eagan did everything himself, including his baby brother’s makeup and creating his chilling costume

While the photoshoot gave everyone nightmares, Union Pacific Railroad pointed out that the photoshoot could have easily turned into a nightmare itself

Petrifying Pennywise: Eagan’s costume looks uncannily similar to Stephen King’s It (above), which hits theaters September 8

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