20+ Clever Hidden Storage Solutions You’ll Wish You Had At Home

At one point, we all have struggles with finding optimal storage space in our homes. If or – better said – when you find yourself in this kind of situation, the best thing is to have some options available. Like these 10 clever solutions we shared with you. They aren’t science-fiction or even expensive trends, but clear solutions available to replicate at any time. A slide-out bathroom drawer that has the role of styling station, pull-out sideways medicine cabinet and others are featured in this list. Be bold with creativity and have installed some drawers-stairs!

There are ideas you can take advantage of. It’s your choice. Good luck!

01. Above: A drawer for all your endless utensils.


Run–don’t walk–to your nearest contractor, cabinet maker or handy family member and ask–nay, beg–to have one of these seriously smart solutions built into the storage around your home.

Some of these ideas might even be worthwhile for long-term renters; if you’re settled into your “almost-forever” apartment, give your existing cabinet specs to a builder and see if they can’t craft a new drawer or slide-in piece with one of these brilliant solutions built right in:

02. This slide-out bathroom styling station.

03. This pull-out sideways medicine cabinet.

04. These slim drawers built in the bathtub casing.

AD-Clever-Hidden-Storage-Solutions-04From College City Design Build, via Houzz

05. This convenient spot for dry ingredients.

Designed by Wanda Ely, spotted in this tour on Houzz.

06. These stairs-turned-drawers.

AD-Clever-Hidden-Storage-Solutions-06From a 2009 issue of Maison & Demeure.

07. This cleaning supply cabinet with a built-in caddy.

AD-Clever-Hidden-Storage-Solutions-07As seen on Houzz, from Henarise Pty. Ltd.

08. This hideaway pet dish and food storage combo.

09. This slide-out knife block.

AD-Clever-Hidden-Storage-Solutions-09Another one from Wood Mode Custom Cabinets.

10. And this drawer, which is actually a ninja step stool.

AD-Clever-Hidden-Storage-Solutions-10Designed by Signature Design & Cabinetry and featured on The Kitchen.

11. Creative Storage Solution Under Stair


12. Bathroom Storage Idea


13. Creative Storage Solution For Small Bedrooms


14. DIY Designer Decorative Storage


15. DIY Spice Rack


16. Elegant Bike Storage Solution


17. Innovative Under Stirs Storage


18. Small Bedroom Storage & Organization Solution


19. Casual Cool Under Stair Storage


20. Inspiring Small Creative Room


21. Under Stair Block Space Storage


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