18 Charts That Will Help You Sleep Better

Because good sleep is glorious.

1. Figure out exactly how many hours you should get.


Read about this in more detail at The National Sleep Foundation.

2. Know your stages of sleep, and plan your sleep schedule around them.


You don’t want your alarm to go off when you’re smack in the middle of deep sleep. From Health Central.

3. Try to sleep in a position that minimizes your chronic pain, if you have any.


Read more at SheKnows.

4. Pick a couple of these tricks to help yourself pass out.


From Popsugar.

5. Like doing some yoga before tucking yourself in.


You can read more about how to do each of these positions over at Livestrong.

6. Or some basic meditation.


Read more about how to get started at Business Insider.

7. Figure out a routine that works for you.


This routine is a good place to start. From the Huffington Post.

8. Make sure small things aren’t sabotaging your sleep time.


From The Sleep Matters Club.

9. Cool off if your bed always makes you feel too warm.


Particularly helpful in the summertime. From The Sleep Matters Club.

10. Make a warm shower part of your routine.


From Luna.

11. Learn how swapping out wall art or adding a few plants could make your bedroom a nicer place to doze.


This is one that takes more investment, both time- and money-wise. But it’s something to keep in mind. From Made.

12. Consider supplementing your nightly rest with naps.


But if you have serious trouble falling asleep at bedtime, napping too late in the day may make it even harder to doze off at night. From TotalBeauty.

13. Seriously, napping can be great.


From Patio Productions.

14. Figure out a routine that will actually have you ~enjoying~ your mornings.


Anything is possible. From Entrepreneur.

15. If you have kids, helping them sleep better will help you sleep better, too!


From Cleveland Clinic.

16. If you sleep with someone else who snores, talk to them about how they can fix it.


Or maybe you’re the one who snores. In which case: Do this for the sake of your partner. It might help you sleep more deeply, too! From The Sleep Matters Club.

17. Figure out a couple-friendly sleep position that doesn’t interfere with anyone’s comfort.

AD-Charts-That-Will-Help-You-Sleep-Better-17Allison Pottasch for Swimmingly / Via swimmingly.com

From Swimmingly.

18. And one more time, because you’ve probably forgotten what the first chart said: GET ENOUGH SLEEP!

AD-Charts-That-Will-Help-You-Sleep-Better-18Jenny Chang / Via buzzfeed.com

Learn more about why you should sleep enough here.

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