Casa Delta

Casa Delta is a residential project located in Minas Gerais, Nova Lima,  Brazil.

This unique house is designed by Figura.

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Designed to accommodate only a couple, this house starts from a large triangular atrium surrounded by a ramp that connects all environments, eliminating the use of stairs. The program takes place at different levels that are distributed along this ramp resulting in a visual integration between social areas and atrium. 

Given the constraints imposed by the hard topography, master bedroom and office are located in the lower floor of the house, garage in intermediate floor and social areas in upper floors. The continuity of the ramp transforms all the roof into an extension of the house. 
We assume a modulated triangular mesh according to an array of 1.75m from the side, distributed around the central atrium, generating peripheral areas in different levels. Finally, the resulting plant is a 21m side equilateral triangle. 

This resulting volume accommodates itself very well to the topography and ensures the most favorable orientation. The openings have been strategically placed to orientate the view to the beautiful landscape that the site offers, while considering the interference of neighbors. 

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